CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 893
TitleAlexander Brodie, preacher: Sermons
Date3 September 1815 - 25 May 1828
Extent1 volume (0.04 linear metres)
Creator NameAlexander Brodie (c. 1774 - 1828), preacher
Julia Brodie (fl 1815 - 1828) transcriber
Administrative HistoryAlexander Brodie, DD, was vicar of Eastbourne from 1809 until his death in 1828. It is believed that he was the son of Alexander Brodie of London, who matriculated at Trinity College, Oxford, aged twenty, graduating BA in 1797, MA in 1801, BD and DD in 1811.

No details have been established about the life of Julia Brodie. It is known that she recorded the sermons preached by Alexander Brodie throughout the period 1815 - 1828, and is presumed that she may have been his wife or sister.
SourceGifted to the University in September 1925, by John M. Bulloch (1867 - 1938), LL.D, Aberdeen University who had purchased the volume before that date from an unnamed source. From bookplate preserved on the inside of the front board the manuscript had at one time belonged to G. F. Chambers.
DescriptionSeventeen sermons preached by Alexander Brodie in the period 1815 - 1828, and recorded by Julia Brodie. Each sermon is dated, and it seems that most were delivered more than once, though the place of delivery is not given, apart from the earliest, dated 3 September 1815, which was preached at Lamont, Argyll, Scotland. On the flyleaf is inscribed 'Julia Brodie'. The contents of the volume are as follows:

Sermon, 'No. 6'; text: Rev. vi. 15-17 (folios 1-19 verso)
16 February 1817

'The great day of his wrath is come, & who shall be able to stand'.
16 February 1823

Blank (folio 20)

Sermon; text: Mark xvi. 6; no name, only transcriber given. (folios 21-37 recto)
not dated

Sermon; text: Luke xxii. 41-42; written only with paper reversed beginning on folio 38 verso and working backwards to folio 21 verso; inscribed 'Julia' on folio 38 verso with pencilled note of text from John xii. 27 and the name 'Logan'. (folios 21-38 verso)
not dated

Sermon, 'No. 26'; text: i. Tim. iii.16, 'Believed on in the World'. (folios 39-49)
10 February 1827

Blank (folio 50)

Sermon, 'No. 26'; text: i. Tim. iii. 16, 'And without controversy, great is the mystery of Godliness, God manifest in the flesh'. (folios 51-61)
13 January 1828

Blank (folio 62)

Sermon, 'No. 26'; text: Eph. i. 22-23. (folio 63-73)
9 March 1828

Blank (folio 74)

Sermon, 'No. 26'; text: Isa. iv. 3-4, 1st part. (folios 75-85)
16 March 1828

Blank (folio 86)

Sermon, 'No. 26;' text: Isa. iv. 3-4, 2nd part. (folios 87-97)
23 March 1828

Sermon, 'No. 6'; text: Acts xvii. 31; although not inscribed 'Julia', hand appears similar to above and following. (folios 99-109)
27 April 1828

Blank (folio 110)

Sermon, 'No. 26'; text: Luke viii. 18, 'Take heed, therefore, how ye hear'. (folios 111-121)
11 May 1828

Blank (folio 122)

Sermon, 'No. 6'; text: Acts viii. 39 (folios 123-133)
25 May 1828

Blank (folio 134)

Sermon, 'No. 5'; text: ii. Pet. iii. 14 (folios 135-147)
8 June 1817

Note: 'NB Should follow May 11th and 18 - Jne 1st'; no reason is apparent for repetition of this sermon on four occasions. (folio 135)
24 October 1819

Blank (folio 148)

Sermon, 'No. 6'; text: John xiv. 1-2 (folios 149-160)
10 November 1815, 15 March 1818

Blank (folio 161)

Sermon, preached 'at Lamont Sept 3rd 1815 Sacrament' (see folio 173 verso); has no title page although 'Julia' is written at top of folio 162; text: Luke xxiii. 48, 'And all the People that came together to that sight, beholding the things that were done, smote their breasts and returned'. (folios 162-173)
3 September 1815

Sermon, 'No. 20'; text: Isa. xl. 3-5 (folios 174-187)
10 December 1820, 12 December 1824

Sermon, 'No. 20'; text: Isa. vii. 14 (folios 188-201)
3 December 1820, 6 January 1822

Two blank flyleaves.
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AccrualsNone expected.
ArrangementSingle item. The 17 sermons have been bound in one volume in no obvious order.
Access StatusOpen
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Physical DescriptionThe volume measures 16.5 x 21.5 cm. It was bound in blue cloth with blue leather spine and corners but the spine is now missing and the boards have become completely detached from the volume and are damaged. The flyleaves have no watermarks but are of poorer quality paper than that used in the manuscript. Watermarks are discernible in the latter, some with dates 1804, 1816 or 1825, and others are not traced. Fascicles for each sermon appear to have been bound up in random order and transcribed at different times. The first sermon is transcribed in recto of folios 1-19 only, apart from the conclusion; the third is written in verso of the second with the paper reversed. The remainder, except that on folios 162-173, have scriptural text and date or dates of delivery in recto of the first folio of each, with complete sermon transcribed in recto and verso of the following folios. There is generally a blank folio between each sermon. Some are given similar reference numbers and the name 'Julia' is inscribed on folios 1, 38v, 39, 51, 63, 75, 87, 111, 123, 135, 149, 162 and 188.
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