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TitleJohn Mowatt, student: notes on history and legend and of sermons preached at Aberdeen
Extent1 volume (0.02 linear metres)
Creator NameMowatt; John (fl 1703-1709); student, Aberdeen
Administrative HistoryThe son of George Mowatt, writer, John Mowatt attended Marischal College (1703-1707) and graduated A.M. in 1709.

The sermons were preached in Aberdeen by 'Mr C C', presumably Colin Campbell (1678-1728), minister of the first charge of the kirk of St Nicholas, Aberdeen, from 1702 - 1728, whose son George (1719-1796) was later principal of Marischal College; 'Mr Osborn', James Osborne (d. 1711), appointed to the charge of Greyfriars, Aberdeen, in 1697 in conjunction with the chair of Divinity at Marischal College; and Thomas Blackwell (1660?-1728), elder, minister of the second charge of the kirk of St Nicholas from 1700 until 1711 when he succeeded Osborne in the charge of Greyfriars and chair of Divinity at Marischal College, becoming principal of that University in 1717.
Custodial HistoryFrom ascriptions on flyleaves and endpaper the volume was also in the possession of George C. Mowat in 1709 and George Mouatt in 1752. The latter may be George Mowat, alumnus of Marischal College from 1754 - 1758.
SourceThe actual date of acquisition by the University Library is uncertain and no particulars of provenance are included in the relevant entry in March 1906 in the Library's Accessions Book.
DescriptionVolume of Latin and English versions of passages on history and legend, and notes (taken by John Mowatt) of 15 sermons by Colin Campbell (1678 - 1728), minister of St. Nicholas' Church, Aberdeen, James Osborne (d 1711), minister of Greyfriars, Aberdeen, and Thomas Blackwell (1660? - 1728), minister of the second charge of St. Nicholas and later minister of Greyfriars, Aberdeen, 1707 - 1709. The manuscript consists of 83 folios including flyleaves, but the two sections are paginated separately 1 - 95 and 1 - 64. The passages in Latin and English are written opposite each other on the left and right-hand pages and divided by double lines. The final pages of this section are decorated with identical coloured decorative drawings of roses and thistles and other flowers. The sermon notes are also divided from each other and have subject headings, but only one, by James Osborne, is dated. The contents are as follows:

Inscribed: 'Ex libris Ionnis Mowatt 11 Julii die 1709'; pencilled addition: 'MA Mar. Coll. 1709' (folio 1)
11 July 1709

Entitled: 'Latino-anglicum Themata quodam eorunque argumenta' (folio 2)
not dated

Passages in Latin on various subjects mainly dealing with Greek or Roman history or legend, Trojan war, English, Scottish and European history; written on left-hand pages; faced on right-hand pages by literal translations; the spelling and turn of phrase of the translation are that of a Scot, with some unusual terms or spellings such as 'Belgickes' and 'Englishes' or 'Anglishes' for Belgians and English (pp.1-94) (folios 2 verso - 48 recto)
not dated

Blank (folio 48 verso)

'Some notes of Sermones upon severall Subjects' (pp.1-64) (folios 49 - 82)
not dated and 1707

'Under what Characters, a Sinner made Sensible of Sin, may come unto God, in order to close with Christ', by 'Mr C C [Colin Campbell] M[inister]' at Aberdeen; text: Isa. lv. 2-3 (pp.1-4) (folios 49 - 50 verso)
not dated

'The characters of Sincear Believers and ther Severall conditiones', by Mr Thomas Blackwell, minister in Aberdeen; text: Hos. vi.3 (pp.4-9) (folios 50 - 53 recto)
not dated

'A discription of Saveing Knowledge, wherin it consists, and the vanity of all other Knowledge when compared to it, either natural!, politick or moral', by Mr T[homas] B[lackwell]; text: John vi. 68i (pp.9-14) (folios 53 recto - 55 verso)
not dated

'The different degrees of grace that are with the people of God', by Mr T[homas] B[lackwell]; text: [Song of] Songs v. 11 (folios 55 verso - 57 verso)
not dated

'What the sensible manifestationes of Christs love ar on whom they ar bestowed and the lovelyness of Christ in his mediatory office'; 'being the action Sermon preached by Mr Osborn befor the communion at Aberdeen March 1707'; text: [Song of] Songs v. 16 (pp. 18-24) (folios 57 verso - 60 verso)
March 1707

'The Song of the Redeemed, three Signall markes of the Redeemed, a discriptior of the Spiret of the Redeemer as Man, what way we should Sing to his praise, preached after the foresaid Communion by Mr Thomas Blackwell'; text: Rev. v. 9-10 (pp.24-32) (folios 60 - 64)
not dated

'Some few questiones and Answers thereto What is Idolatrie? What cloth Idolatry containe in it?...Can the meanes without the Spirit of God effectual Salvatione? Three several Scriptures for proveing the threefold office of Christ, to be given him in commission by the father...' (pp.33-34) (folio 65)
not dated

'Wherein the great Condisiention of God appears in not only promiseing, but swearing to confirm his promise of Believers Salvatione, Also the Import of Gods oath', by Mr Thomas Blackwell; text: Heb. vi. 18 (pp.34-40) (folios 65 verso - 70 verso)
not dated

'Some directions for Believers to keep clear ther interest in Christ Jesus'; text: Heb, vi. 18 (pp.40-42) (folios 70 - 71 verso)
not dated

'That the oath of God for confirmeing the acclomplishment of Believers Salvation is an Immutable thing proven by most solid arguments'; text: Heb. vi. 18 (pp.42-45) (folios 71 verso - 73 recto)
not dated

'What grounds of consolation Believers have in the covenant of grace, and first the fullness of blessings that is in it'; text: Heb. vi. 18 (pp.45-49) (folios 73 recto - 75 recto)
not dated

'The allness of Blessings (being the 2d Generall ground of consolatione) thats to be found in this Covenant, also in what respects God becomes Believers God'; text: Heb. vi. 18 (pp.49-53) (folios 75 recto - 77 recto)
not dated

'A third respect wherin God becomes Believers God'; text: Heb. vi. 18 (pp.53-55) (folios 77 recto - 78 recto)
not dated

'That all earthly blessings are in this covenant being some of the particular blessings of the Second general! one viz: the allness of blessings'; text: Heb. vi. 18 (pp.56-59) (folios 78 verso - 80 recto)
not dated

Note with no heading but ruled off from the above although still on the text Heb. vi. 18; begins: 'We might have a Strong consolatione I was showeing you at the last occasione, that those five which ar esteemed blissings in this world viz. knowledge, wisdome, riches, honour and pleasure ar truely made free to every Soule within this covenant...' (pp.59-61) (folios 80 recto - 81 recto)
not dated

'That all Hevenly Blessings ar also in this covenant being lykewayes some of the particular blessings of the second generall one viz. the allness of blessings'; text: Heb. vi. 18 (pp.61-64) (folios 81 recto - 82 verso)
not dated

Inscribed: '1709 George C Mowat'. (folio 83 recto)

Inscribed: 'Anno Domini Millesimo Septuagentesimo Quinquagessimo Secundo a Geo. Mouatt 1752.' (folio 83 verso)

Endpaper inscribed: 'Ex libris Georgi Mowat'; crude engraved drawing of crest pasted on crown on a rose with leaves on either side; rough ink drawing of man with headgear.
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Physical DescriptionThe volume measures 16.3 x 10.6 cm and is bound in calf with ornamental stamping at the corners and centrally back and front. Three of the four original leather ties are still attached.
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