CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 470/2
TitlePapers of Sir Arthur Keith: offprints of articles
Date1893 - 1906
Extent6 items
Creator NameSir Arthur Keith (1866 - 1955), knight, anatomist and anthropologist
DescriptionOffprints contained in the collection include Arthur Keith, 'Contributions to the Human Mechanism of Respiration', reprinted from 'Proceedings of the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland' (May 1903), 51 - 61; Arthur Keith, 'Why does Phthisis Attack the Apex of the Lung? A discussion at the Medical Society, London Hospital, opened by Dr Arthur Keith' (29th October 1903); Arthur Keith, 'A Variation that Occurs in the Manubrium Sterni of Higher Primates', reprinted from 'Journal of Anatomy and Physiology', 30 (1895-1896), 275 - 279; Arthur Keith, 'The Nature of the Mammallian Diaphragm and Pleural Cavities', reprinted from 'Journal of Anatomy and Physiology', 39 (1905), 244 - 284; Arthur Keith, 'The Results of an Anthropological Investigation of the External Ear', reprinted from 'Proceedings of the Anatomical and Anthropological Society of the University of Aberdeen', 1904 - 1906 (1906), 217 - 239; and C.S. Sherrington, 'Note on the Knee-jerk and the Correlation of Action of Antagonistic Muscles', reprinted from 'Proceedings of the Royal Society', 52 (1893), 556-564.
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