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Ref NoMS 3755/2
TitlePhotographs of Dr William Clark Souter's Antarctic trip, 1903 - 1904
Date1903 - 1904
Extent51 photographs
Creator NameWilliam Clark Souter (1880 - 1959), ophthalmologist
DescriptionSeries of 51 annotated prints, illustrating the voyage of the Terra Nova to free the ice-bound Discovery from Winter Harbour, August 1903 - February 1904.

The series begins with the Terra Nova 'cast adrift' in Gibraltar Bay by the cruiser, HMS Minerva which had towed her there from Portland. From there, she was taken through the Mediterranean, Suez Canal and Red Sea by HMS Vindictive and escorted south from Aden (Yemen) by HMS Fox. The voyage began in earnest in Hobart on the 5th December 1903, as the S.Y. Morning and Terra Nova 'moved away from the wharf ... to start the second Discovery Relief Expedition, and thousands of the people of Tasmania came down to wish us success.'

The photographs chart her trip into Antarctica, as the crew catch their first glimpses of icebergs and views of Franklyn Island and 'Majestic Erebus', the '13,000 foot, snow-clad, native volcano [that] seemed to watch like a grim sentinel ... the struggle of man against nature, which was being enacted so near it.' They include scenes of the Discovery lying frozen in Winter Harbour, the efforts of the crews to blast a route through the pack-ice to clear an exit route, her eventual exit into open water on 16th February 1904, and 'farewell' photographs of the snowy landscape that they left behind.

Photographs such as 'A halt for lime juice' and 'Rest of the weary' show groups of crew-members enjoying a brief respite from their work to share a drink of lime juice and a smoke of the 'friendly pipe.' Other images show people working, their temporary camps, the local wildlife and scenery (islands, mountains, icebergs, etc.), and the three boats, Terra Nova, Discovery and Morning at various stages of their journeys.
ArrangementThe photographs are arranged in chronological order, according to their original numbered sequence. The series appears originally to have comprised 75 numbered prints, but 24 of these are presently missing.

Clark Souter's own titles and descriptions are used in the catalogue's 'Title' and 'Description' fields. The photograph's original numbers are given in the 'AltRefNo'' field.
Access StatusRestricted
Access ConditionsThe collection has been digitised and is available online. Therefore the originals may only be consulted following permission from the University Archivist.
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