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Ref NoMS 3750/1/8
TitleCorrespondence between Robert W. Lockhart and Peter du Sautoy of Faber and Faber Ltd
Date1950 - 1965
Extent1 folder
Custodial HistoryThis file appears to contain Lockhart's principal correspondence on the textbook with Faber and Faber Limited. It may be a part of the file series which Hamilton refers to in MS 3750/1/7/2, as 'the open files which contain all the correspondence relative to the Text book'. Lockhart's letters are mostly copy out letters.

Removed from a red folder marked 'Faber & Faber Ltd' & 'Letter Lockhart to Faber'.
DescriptionCorrespondence between Robert Lockhart and Peter du Sautoy regarding the production and correction of the first (1959) and second (1965) editions of the textbook, including the ever - changing proposed deadline for publication of the first imprint, 1950 - 1965. Also, mentions the production of a [fourth] new edition of Lockhart's 'Living Anatomy', Anatomical Society meetings in London, proposed new editions of Gray's and Cunningham's anatomy texts, and other sundry matters. With several indexes to illustrations used in the textbook (in Lockhart's hand) and a copy of Faber and Faber's spring/summer brochure for 1957 containing a promotional advert for 'Human Anatomy' by Lockhart, scheduled for publication in Autumn 1957.

The correspondence is as follows:

Letter from Lockhart to du Sautoy, mentioning that Lockhart was invited to give a lecture at Michigan University, Ann Arbor, where he showed his anatomy colleagues one of the commentary pages prepared by MacLehose, 17 July 1950. Mentions that Lockhart received two copies of the new edition of 'Living Anatomy' from Faber and refers to a criticism made by Professor Whillis of Guy's Hospital, London, in his review in the Journal of Anatomy.

Letter from du Sautoy to Lockhart expressing his hope of publishing 'Anatomy of the Human Body' in 1952, 24 October 1950.

Letter from Lockhart to du Sautoy stating that 'Dr. Fyfe has been on and off several times recently, and because Morrocco leaving to take up the Dundee appointment, Dr. Fyfe has had to do some of the artist's work; indeed he spends almost the whole of every day making the colour blocks on your blue pulls - a very difficult task for anyone's eyes ...', 26 October 1950. Mentions that assistance with the illustrations has also been given by a departmental technician. [See also MS 3750/1/7/2 for reference to assistance from other departmental staff].

Letter from Lockhart to du Sautoy discussing his progress with the book, 20 December 1950. States that he works in the department until seven or eight at night and that he feels pre-occupied with it during the holidays, also mentions the assistance given by departmental staff.

Letter from Lockhart to du Sautoy informing him that his work on the text-book is hindered by his unforeseen and time-consuming university duties, 9 January 1951.

Letter from Lockhart to du Sautoy regarding MacLehose's recent visit to Aberdeen with his chief editor, May 1952. With du Sautoy's reply.

Short letter from Lockhart to Sautoy regarding the Italian edition, 24 February 1953. [See also MS 3750/1/6].

Correspondence between Lockhart, Howson F. Devitt and Sons, Ltd. at Lloyd's Incorporated Insurance Brokers, and Faber, referring to Faber's wish to have insurance cover on Lockhart's life 'against the publication of your book on anatomy', December 1954 - January 1955.

Correspondence between du Sautoy and Lockhart regarding an intended meeting of the International Congress of Anatomists in Paris and the question of anatomical 'nomenclature', February and May - June 1955, [See also MS 3750/1/6]. In his letter of 28 February 1955, Lockhart mentions the very poor weather in Aberdeen, noting that 'the snow is frozen so hard and in such heavy lumps that the streets are being cleared with picks and crowbars. Traffic is seriously inconvenienced'.

Copy of a letter from Lockhart to Bland [of Faber], mentioning that Fyfe is taking up an appointment in Nova Scotia, 6 October 1955.

Letter from Mr A. A. Whife, Technical Editor, The Tailor and Cutter Limited, London, to Faber & Faber Ltd, seeking permission to use two photographs from Lockhart's 'Living Anatomy' in forthcoming publications by his company, 25 January 1956.

Letters from Lockhart to Bland regarding members of staff helping out with the textbook's production, 28 January and 19 July 1956.

Letter from du Sautoy to Lockhart regarding MacMillan's proposed forthcoming (October 1956) publication of a 'Textbook of Human Anatomy' edited by W. J. Hamilton of London, with contributions by J. D. Boyd, W. E. Le Gros Clark, J. M. Yoffey, S. Zuckerman and A. B. Appleton, 17 July 1956. Du Sautoy wonders whether this book would be a possible competitor to 'Anatomy of the Human Body' and whether a preliminary announcement of the textbook on anatomy of the human body should be considered. [See also MS 3750/1/7]. With Lockhart's reply, 19 July 1956.

Copy of two letters from Lockhart to du Sautoy regarding a request from Dr J. W. Perrott, University of Durham, Department of Anatomy, The Medical School, King's College, Newcastle - upon - Tyne to reproduce a number of figures from 'Living Anatomy', July 1958. Lockhart consents.

Two letters between Sautoy and Lockhart regarding a manuscript called 'The Architecture of the Body' by C. U. M. Smith, which Faber is considering publishing, March 1962. Du Sutoy writes that J. Z. Young read the manuscript and that the publishers wish someone else to read it as well. Lockhart states that he would be pleased to do so.

Letters from Lockhart to Mrs T. M. Cook, BBC, London, and to du Sautoy, consenting to the reproduction of textbook illustrations by the BBC Schools Publication unit, 7 June 1963.

Copy of a letter from Lockhart to du Sautoy referring to photographs from 'Living Anatomy' used in Cunningham's 'Textbook of Anatomy', to the 'BBC's attitude' and to the illustrations used by the BBC, 13 November 1963.

Copy of a letter from Lockhart to du Sautoy regarding his dissatisfaction with the BBC's labelling of the textbook illustrations that they copied, 1 July 1964. States that they 'introduced pointers inaccurately labelled' and that he 'objects to [the BBC] acknowledging the source of the drawing in any other place than underneath the drawing itself'.

Copy of a letter from Lockhart to du Sautoy regarding Fyfe's suggestions about the textbook and Hamilton's wish to know when Faber might consider another print run, in order that he might plan sufficient time for amendments, 10 February 1964. Lockhart makes reference to poor communication between himself and Hamilton and suggests that Faber should publish a new 'reprint with corrections and minor alterations' rather than a new edition of the textbook. The letter also mentions Lippincott's index, Lockhart's intention to send everything to MacLehose immediately rather than in June 1964, and Lockhart's intention to attend a meeting of the Anatomical Society in London.

Copy of a letter from Lockhart to du Sautoy regarding the use of up to date British and American terminology in the textbook, 10 March 1964. [See also MS 3750/1/6].

Copy of a letter from Lockhart to du Sautoy regarding a letter from the Crowell - Collier Educational Corporation, 21 April 1964. Refers to six reproduced photographs, enclosed (not present).

Letter from du Sautoy to Lockhart stating that he would like Lockhart to meet with Peter Crawley and his wife, Dr Joan Crawley, who are going to India with the intention of trying to interest Indian medical schools in 'Anatomy of the Human Body, 26 November 1964'. With Lockhart's reply, 23 December 1964.
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