CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/2/54
TitleLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws to her relatives
Date28 March 1915
Extent2 sheets
DescriptionLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws, 7 Via Venti Settembre, Rome, to her relatives, regarding more wet weather; departure of more Germans; more conscription; parliament reluctant to discuss war but the atmosphere has changed; little faith in Italy's ability to defend its frontiers against German might; the Roman Catholic church is strongly in favour of Austria and is making things difficult for Italy; Italy's interests in the Near East are her chief concern, and she is calculating for how long she can afford to fight; the bread is variable but when bad is dreadful; the price of lamb is going up all the time; Italy is selling food to Austria via sailing boats which transfer their cargo into Austrian torpedo boats in the Adriatic; the government has at last cracked down on trade via other routes; Dr. Spiro at last to leave for Switzerland and thence to Berlin; he has arranged replacements for himself in Rome; he is to teach in Berlin; the war has shown him his love for and ability in teaching; praise for his teaching of her; application to be taught by Mr. Green, though she may be too 'volcanic' for him; gentlemen's coffee evening went well; Miss Jazdowska is still difficult [There were Jazdowskis associated with teaching and art in Aberdeen: James Bronislas Jazdowski, son of John, teacher in Aberdeen, graduated from Marischal College in 1856 and according to an annotation of the Search Room student list died in Rome in 1902]; the van Millingens' sons are to visit for Easter; mail boats are apparently crossing only at night, escorted by torpedo catchers and with passengers lashed to chairs separated by buoys in case of explosion.
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