CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/2/429
TitleNotebook belonging to Amelia Nyasa Laws
Date1916 - 1919
Extent1 volume
DescriptionNotebook belonging to Amelia Nyasa Laws, containing notes of patients, ailments, and home addresses, at Aix-les-Bains, Hopital Auxiliaire No. 10, 1916; Hopital Santa Croce, Rome, 1917; Valence, Hopital Auxiliare No. 201, 1918 - 1919, and Valence, Hopital General et Hopital Auxiliare 201, 1919. Gives surname of patient, sometime peacetime occupation, home town, point of injury, date of admission, type of injury and sometimes progress, and date of discharge. Language becomes more French and more technical. Apparent four-leaf clover pressed between two pages. Patients mentioned are as follows: Tanton (fractured clavicle); Teppaz (gashes on leg); Le Breton (thigh injury); Dufau (swollen foot); Thauvin (cicatrice); Tignol (fractured toe); Seurin (injured knee); Lebas (fractured toe); Lavier (amputations to hand); Crochu (cicatrice on arm); Dupont (cicatrice on arm); Bordes (wounded wrist); Fauvergnes (cicatrice on chest); Delphin (cicatrice on thigh); Fulconis (fractured leg); Fontanel (cicatrice on arm including elbow); Metral (cicatrice on arm); Rouard (cicatrice on chest and arm); Le Goff (crushed foot); Fontanet (cicatrice on leg); Laurent (leg injury); Muller (pierced elbow); Lanne (elbow injury); Lefevre (leg wound); Havet (leg wound); Bourgeon (thigh wound); Roussille (no details); Le Normand (wrist injury); Morgnier (swollen foot); Cavet (knee incision); La Coste (wrist pierced); Zedon (knee wound); Lanos (cicatrice on thigh); Poutrot (broken finger, cicatrice on thigh); Chevallier (arm fractured with cicatrice); Laroche (arm wound); Drouilleaux (arm injury); Delalande (ankle wound); Nadal (fractured tibia); Depont (sciatic nerve wounds); Fouillon (leg wound); Poirier (chest wound); Souchet (broken leg); Aubrun (pierced ankle); Dejonghe (thigh wound); Noury (chest wound); Masson (arm injury); Pino (dislocated shoulder); Ferrari (rheumatism in knee); Flamini (inherited semi-paralysis); Massoli (paralysed left side from exposure); Proli (chronic rheumatism shoulder and leg); Sama (left half of face paralysed); De Battistis (intestines displaced and sciatic nerve affected); Coppola (paralysed right side by germ); Cialano (rheumatism in right leg); Romiti (shoulder hit in factory); Venditti (paralysed left arm when reading); De Leo (neuritis in right arm after frostbite); Malaspina (sciatica); Vignati (neurasthenia in spine and loins); Massimiani (rheumatism in shoulder); Sacconi (arthritis in feet); Della Piana (fractured right leg); Telli (double sciatica and nervous disease); Dupaux (fractured radius); Philippe (foot injury); Dabadie (chest injury); Loreau (fractured bone); Piquet (arm injury); Brethes (frozen foot); Mauger (arm injury); Boursier (frozen feet); Gasnier (rheumatism); Raby (lumber rheumatism, phlebitis in left leg); Allemand (leg amputated); Pouquine (broken leg); Faure (foot injury); Legendre (foot injury); Viallet (broken arm); Oger (sciatic lesion in right leg); Riviere (broken radius); Girardin (broken humerus); Jouette (leg injury); Chambonnier (broken radius); Matthieu (broken foot); Mongis (broken foot); Rochepeault (broken leg); Patoulet (broken tibia), Desforges (amputations to left foot); Charrel (back injury); Durand (chest injury); Brodin (chest injury); L'Abbe (injured knee); Bondeau (injured leg); Laizet (bullet in leg); Blondelle (injury to arm); Le Rolland (knee injury); Souciet (trench foot); Malgouyres (broken elbow); Commeras (injured arm); Mercier (no details); Cariffa (no details); Falhon (hand injured when barrel of wine fell on it); Lelore (foot pierced by bullet); Samson (arm injury); Rocher (leg injury); Jolly (neck and shoulder injury); Allet (poorly treated fracture in foot); Morin (arm injury); Bouland (shoulder and leg injuries); Girou (shoulder injury); Staub (fracture of left cubitus); Seri (leg injury); Lienart (bruised arm and amputations to hand); Seguin (fistula on shoulder); Hergaux (injury to hand); Kappler (injury to foot), Villeneuve (broken ribs); Brisseau (fracture); Lecomte (fracture);Villetani (varicose veins); Leger (amputation); Laurand (neck injury); Trehart (broken humerus); Charpenet (injury to heel); Mestre (hand injury); Chaffioti (knee injury); Gonin (finger injury); Arnaud (shoulder injury); Bergand (neck injury); Martin (broken arm); Bary (finger injury); Jouvant (hand injury); Penche (no details); Marchal (injury to little finger); Cholet (injury to left leg); Vandergut (injury to index finger); Dewit (injury to shoulder); Brigaud (injury to left knee); Rebotier (injury to left knee); Dubois (injury to left arm); Rouault (back injury); Templon (leg injury); Genisset (leg injury); Legros (hand injury - treated with sheep bone?); Barou (broken clavicle); Lancon (shoulder injury); Fonsagrive (broken leg); Sicre (chill in gland); Robinet ( broken leg); Danse (?); Chauvel (no details); Dessaint (neck injury); Jaussand (broken leg); Partout (hand injury); Roche (?); Charriere (arthritic knee); Contant (debris in thigh); Gautier (open fracture in chest); Lecomte (broken leg); Lannois (hand injury); Streff (leg injury); Mace (arm injury and asthma); Guillard (rheumatism); Gray (injuries to shoulder and right leg, left leg amputated); Mahieu (sciatica); Collignon (?); Lanevere (grenade injury to hand); Prosper (open fracture to hand); Boudon (leg injury); Sablairholles (broken leg); Jeandot (shoulder injury); Doussot (arm amputated); Yasek (broken legs); Raynaud (arthritic sciatica in leg); Mohamed (broken leg); Moigneau (left foot amputated, right foot sciatic), Boutet (old injury to leg); Porce (old wound to leg); Flandin (neck injury); Natta (broken leg); Redon (fingers amputated); Guerin (myelitis); Blanc (leg injury); Mohamed ben Adelaowi (broken humerus); Cadin (broken tibia); Archinard (hernia); Duchamp (broken thigh); Dupre (sciatica); Faure (injured knee); Guillaume (amputations to hand); Martinais (arm injury); Feriet (burned in air accident); Sembra (broken femur); Petiot (injured foot); Armand (broken radius); Bayle (injured arm); Raphanel (injured hand); Michelas (injured hand); Dodo (broken humerus); Canvillers (pleurisy). End of notebook contains information on French postal services and telephones.
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