CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/2/393
TitleLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws to her relatives
Date5 September 1920
Extent3 sheets
DescriptionLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws, Metz, to her relatives, pleased to be back as a civilian, flaws in military life, after Mme. Remy's return she stood in for Mlle. Guillard in eye, ear and throat department, Dr. Balbeze tried to make her stay, Mme. Remy came back to everything in order and her post secure, Sunday a bad day as she had three rounds to do, case of a man hit by the wing of an aeroplane, eye badly bruised and bleeding, two patients with ulcerated ears, the hospital has offered to send patients to her, advice on fees, she already has two patients, the wife of Col. Rauscher, with varicose veins, and her son, a lieutenant, who suffers after a fall from a horse, she has been helpful in finding accommodation, she recommends central heating even though apartments with it fitted are more expensive, meeting local doctors who are very supportive and will recommend patients, Dr. Jong, a surgeon, might require her help for gynaecological cases, welcomed at the Protestant Deaconesses' Hospital, they offered her a job on the spot, dearth of nurses in France, war nurses have left a bad reputation, advised to remain in uniform for work, investigating the availability of German sequestered property, everyone she meets is very supportive, but she may have to go back and visit Mme. Brunel, 'that awful praying woman', the pastor's wife, her husband was a former missionary in Tahiti who retired on health grounds, Amelia will not do all the church work Mme. Brunel will expect.
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