CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/2/337
TitleLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws to her relatives
Date11 January 1920
Extent6 sheets + carbon copy
DescriptionLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws, Metz, to her relatives, with a brief account of Christmas and New Year events, lottery for the soldiers, Christmas tree, the orderlies included in the lottery so 550 gifts had to be prepared, some special gifts wrapped as special prizes, Amelia to play the opening music on the piano, everything disorganised and late, help from Miss Lee Clarke and Miss Scobell from the Diet Department, music completely unplanned, no written music, no keys, 'The French mind will never learn method or forethought', the concert was all right but full of 'low taste and coarse allusions', most of the staff present, lottery badly managed, too, chocolate and beer distributed for New Year, some exchange of gifts amongst the staff, Mlle. Chiry's departure for Paris was indeed a plot, she hoped the letter she sent afterwards complaining of the lack of liberty would secure more for those left behind, but the opposite is the case, Mlle. Stoufflet insists they are ungrateful and refers to the military ball again, Mme. Poilevey tried to defend Mlle. Chiry and was lambasted in turn, so Amelia kept quiet, the matter is later eclipsed in a spat between two doctors over a dying officer, Dr. Bellieze only likes nurses if they are young, while a young probationer who thinks she knows everything has been annoying Mlle. Stoufflet, and Dr. Bellieze has been defending her out of contrariness, Dr. Bellieze is very correct with Amelia and is most respectful, 'he told Lieut. Berger that the results of my massage are fantastic', he is still capable of showing hot southern temper, Mlle. Stoufflet made an appointment for Amelia to visit the pastor, M. Brunel, and told Amelia to get permission to go out, though Amelia thought this unreasonable when she was standing in for Mme. Remy, though as there were so many fits occurring she did not think it right to go anyway, but Mlle. Stoufflet insisted, Dr. Bellieze refused to grant it on principle but gave Amelia leave to go when she wants to and feels it appropriate, saying that she is not a slave, Mlle. Stoufflet uses the medical chief's name when she wants something done, but in reality she pays him no respect, she has promised Amelia's services to the pastor at a service next week, but Amelia insists that her hospital work comes first, she is now to be allowed a half-day's leave on Sunday without any forms or special permission and need do no massage for the rest of the day, arrangements for pay, and new arrangements for leave, make things easier, Amelia will now just avoid her rows and ignore them, in fact conditions are very good and she is also receiving a litre of milk a day.
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