CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/2/318
TitleLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws to her relatives
Date8 October 1919
Extent2 pages + carbon copy
DescriptionLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws, Paris, to her relatives, starting to use copy paper again, visit to Mme. Carnot at the A.D.F., obstructive secretary, observing the lady secretaries while she waited for Mme. Carnot, proposition that she should be sent to St. Quentin as a nurse, and introduce the massage later, there are no more Red Cross hospitals but several A.D.F. personnel remain at St. Quentin, visit to Miss Gatliff as Amelia is not satisfied with the St. Quentin option as too vague, visit to Dr. Mamlock on Miss Gatliff's recommendation, visit to the headquarters of the Red Cross Society, description of the lady who interviews nurses, with her wolf-dog, the place is a refined edition of the Laboratorio in Rome, description of the council chamber, no masseuses are desired by the Red Cross and as usual there are internal frictions, and she is advised to go to the Service de Sante, she is astonished to find that there are dossiers on all the nurses there, including her, M. de Piessac there is to write to the centres of all the northern regions to find out where she might be needed, tomorrow she plans to go to the office of the U.F.F., the last place she can try in Paris, while she waits she will go to Nantes, where she can complete the treatment of Mace, who has been discharged from hospital with a stiff wrist, the President of the U.F.F. introduces her to Dr. Chartier, a specialist who is looking for a masseuse for a private establishment for nervous cases, it provides physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, electricity and radiant baths, the doctor is the son of the head lady of the U.F.F. and had this establishment in 1914, and is now anxious to build it up again, he wants 'a lady, capable, intelligent, and serious-minded (end missing).
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