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Ref NoMS 3290/2/315
TitleLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws to her parents, Robert and Maggie Laws
Date21 September 1919
Extent4 sheets
DescriptionLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws, Edinburgh, to her parents, regarding wasting time looking up something for Aunt Amy, arrival of passports, French visas ready but Italian ones delayed because the consulate did not send enough forms, 'What noodles they are!', price of stages of journey, Aunt is paying her own travelling expenses, purchase of underwear but no new outfits, as old ones will do and Amelia hopes soon to be in uniform again, Uncle's new suit was essential but cost £12, alterations to various garments, delay in news from Strasbourg but if nothing arrives by the time they leave London she will await news in Paris, the Bible Society wishes to extend its work in the north of Italy and Uncle has arrangements to make there, he is looking forward to seeing Trent, Trieste and Fiume again, Italy's dishonest doings over Fiume, D'Annunzio is a man unworthy of respect, the Prime Minister, Nitti, has apologised to the French and the British, but French and British troops have been withdrawn from Fiume, Uncle may love Italy but 'they are a greedy and a quirky race', Uncle is to remain in post for one more year, and his retirement allowance will be £100, with an addition of £80 from the Aged and Infirm Ministers Fund, and his Bible Society work might bring it up to £250, which is not much, Dr. Nicoll's generous cheque to Uncle saved this summer from being a financial embarrassment, though it had to be done, Amelia suspects that if the Committee has the least trouble in replacing Uncle he will stay on, Aunt would be better free of Rome, but not stuck with Uncle barred from Rome and with a reduced income, comparing various office bearers of the Continental Committee with different types of trains, lack of organisation in the Committee, particularly compared with the other Mission Committees, Brown Douglas wanted to know why Uncle was not deputising while he was at home, but the Committee said he deserved a holiday, qualities of Mr. Webster on the Committee, who is energetic and organised, visit to the Dalys, which was very pleasant, Amelia's knee is still giving her trouble, visit to Miss Lexie Ross in North Berwick, who was exceedingly kind, meeting Mr. Livingstone (biographer of Amelia's father Robert Laws), and liking him, the questions he asked and her responses, she feels that the subject is best source for biographical material, she will think about providing him with some portions of her father's letters to her, unexpected visit from Miss Bisset and Miss Jeannie Darling, who have also been asked for details on Robert Laws, but have declined, for which Aunt thanked them, as Robert wants Livingstonia to have first place in the book, Dr. Fleming has given her an introduction to Dr. McKendrick of the x-ray department at the Infirmary so that she can learn about that aspect before she goes.
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