CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/2/265
TitleLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws to her relatives
Date18 October 1918
Extent3 sheets + carbon copy
DescriptionLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws, Valence, to her relatives, regarding another full week and movements of patients; one officer has gone and they could do without some of the others; one is called Asteggiano, and is very fat and coarse; another, Captain Charpenet, asks too many questions about the administration which she declines to answer - his sprain is minor and he demands too much attention, just like the other officers; Lt. Maistret gave descriptions of his experiences, including accounts of Verdun and Reims; Douaumont no longer exists; the desolation of some places is very bad for morale; he is enthusiastic about his 150 calibre gun and his battery, and shows pictures of it; he was gassed but it only affected his eyes, which were treated with sterilised water and Argyrol 1/20; the latest arrivals are seriously wounded and they have not seen the doctor for some time; there is an average of 25 deaths locally from the Spanish influenza, schools, cinemas and cafés are closed; everyone is shut in; the wounded have therefore so far escaped infection; a nurse from the 201 has died; they are now short staffed and do not know where to find a replacement; Mme. Soureillat was asked to go but Amelia did not wish to be left in charge at the annexe; Mme. Soureillat's one failing is in diplomacy, as she can be impetuous; she has decided to stay at the annexe, as they cannot always count on the assistance of the patients and are overtaxed as it is; train accident at Porte near Valence between the Marseilles-Paris express and a train of soldiers returning home on leave; 40 killed and 200 injured; this required massive reorganisation at Valence and helped to make up Mme. Soureillat's mind on the matter of moving; the doctor is overworked and has no time to eat or sleep; Hergaux came down from the Séminaire to help; treating a wound between the eyes with an icebag to ward off meningitis; the patient, Bottet, has abdomen, shoulder, neck and forehead swathed in dressings; departure of Captain Charpenet and Asteggiano, the latter 'having contracted disease here which Dr. L. told him he would not ask the two nurses to treat'; Mlle. Combe is ill again; once her resignation is received, Amelia will move downstairs to be nearer the warmth in the cold weather.
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