CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/2/206
TitleTranslation of autographs and references
DateOctober 1917
Extent4 sheets
DescriptionTranslation of autographs and references written by the staff and patients of Hospital 103, Chambéry, for Amelia Nyasa Laws at the end of her stay there, with some comments on cases represented, given by Dr. H. Michaud, physician of the hospital; Dr. J. Chiron; Abbé Mallinjoud, stretcher-bearer (knee dislocated in fall from bicycle); H. Mathieu (fractured foot); A. Mongis (fractured leg); A. de Rolland (arthritis in the knee); J. Jouette (frozen foot amputated at the ankle); Desforges (trench foot amputated at the instep); A. Piquet (wound in the arm); Loreau (wounds in the arm); Malgouyres (fractured right wrist); Louis Oger (lesion of the sciatic nerve); Viallet (13 wounds in right arm); L. Chambonnier (wound in forearm, lesion of cubital nerve); Dabadie (shoulder and side 'riddled with splinters of shell'); Maurice Blondelle (fracture of heads of radius and ulna, 4 wounds in forearm); M. Bondeau (lesion of the tibial nerve); L. Allemand (amputation above the knee); Henri Laizet (ball wound below the knee); Victor Brodin (deep thigh wound); Souciet (frozen feet); Comayras (shell wound from elbow to wrist); Léon Mercier (shell splinter extracted from under knee); J. Cariffa (3 fractures of pelvis, thigh bone dislocated); A. Cavaillon, directrice, and M. Vernaz, infirmière major, and leaving address by Amelia to the patients and staff. (See MS 3290/2/208 for details of presentation)
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