CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/2/194
TitleLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws to her relatives
Date20 June 1917
Extent7 sheets
DescriptionLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws, Lyon, to her relatives [possibly seen as a continuation of MS 3290/2/193], regarding continuing letter because of changed plans; satisfactory stay in Lyon; registering as British subjects in France; practice of reporting to police office; method for paperwork for returning to Italy; case of a girl who was deterred from travelling to England; visit of Mlle. Perrolaz, a very tiring day; she brought the reply from Thonon-des-Bains, in which M. Bordeaux regretted that he and the doctor could not accept her offer of help because of the type of patients they had, who were in no need of massage; Mlle. Perrolaz suggested writing to the Hotel des Bergues at Aix; she has been dictatorial but because of her previous kindness Amelia has acquiesced, though she and Aunt think they should travel to Aix to see the situation for themselves; Aunt had not liked the look of the nurses at the Hotel des Bergues; Mlle. Pautex later described them as 'fast women who had lowered the tone of the hospital by their conduct'; no reply has come in any case; visit with Mlle. Perrolaz to see her hospital; description of it, which they do not like; 'Mlle. P. is of lowly birth and has little idea of homeyness of furnishings'; visit to a fine park in which all kinds of people meet; visit to Mlle. Pautex, who tells them that Dr. Jacod was turned out of Aix by Mme. Lacuffer and her friends; account of his departure; she likes the present doctor; Mlle. Pautex thinks that massage work would be possible at Aix as the bath women would not be free during the summer to massage all the wounded; Amelia ought to apply to Dr. Fran├žon and M. Domenge; she suspects that massage as a treatment is being suppressed at Aix, and that there is even more to the whole story than she knows; she and Aunt have each bought a navy blue costume; the French in general are of a different build from the British; they are in general small, and Amelia's costume had to be let down to reach her ankles; the French are keen on fashion, and there are few 'classic' designs. [Letter breaks off without signature].
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