CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/2/19
TitleLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws to her parents, Robert and Maggie Laws
Date26 April 1914
Extent5 sheets
DescriptionLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws, Bergstrasse 33, Dresden, Germany, to her parents, regarding problems in keeping up with correspondence; thanking for letters and for the 'Livingstonia News'; mother proof-reading it; criticism of Mrs. C. Stuart's article on children of missionaries; Mr. Walker wishes Uncle to help him find a post at home; he misses his family, as Aunt told him he would; Mr. Alexander wants to go to Livingstonia, but will face the same problem; Frau Pfannstiehl wishes she had no family; her children are out of hand and she has to manage on too little money; Herr Pfannstiehl is spoilt and indulged; he says that household economy is his wife's business; her heart trouble is aggravated by worry and hard work; Amelia admires and is grateful to Herr Pfannstiehl, but he should give more lessons and be less selfish; problems with singing lessons; Herr Chitz's lessons have not been very useful; she is now sufficiently trained to apply for an organist's post; praise for the experience in playing that Herr Pfannstiehl has given her; visit to see organ-building in progress; expensive winter but Miss Fleming's gifts have been welcome; thanking father for cheque; notes on her investments and savings bank account; need for new clothes as she and Aunt have worn out all their old ones and not bought new, having 'no position to fill' in Dresden; plans to buy what they need in Münich; Aunt is very much better, no longer retching, easier in her walk and her arm is much more useful; Amelia has been massaging her; it had been badly broken; intention to go to Rome next winter, but Amelia will write to Dr. Kniffler and seek his advice on both Aunt and Uncle and how to curtail their endless work; Aunt's nerves are still quite bad; she is still not able to entertain; Uncle has been indulging in it in their absence; missionary couple from Kenya visiting him; Mrs. Evans' husband's brother helped in the escape of the Empress Eugénie; both were dentists, but Mrs. Evans' husband 'was the finer character'; missing her presence in their affairs; she and Aunt are definitely to go to Sterzing; Aunt Amy not to join them, as she would expect to be taken to Rome; Amelia worried that she is turning peculiar, and showing a morbid fascination for visiting the graves of friends; she is lonely; Uncle does not want her near him and she bullies Aunt; Aunt Amy says that Aunt and Amelia are usurpers in Rome; bad experience of meeting her in Toblach and Innsbruck; glad her parents liked the Nürnberg metalwork, arrived safely; arrangements to send them a fruit juice press from Berlin, the last gift for a while as it is hopeless trying to send presents from Italy; description of it; asking them not to lend it to anyone; thanking for father's letter from Zomba; bad storms in Africa; service at the Reformed Church, the only one of the United Free type in Dresden; not an attractive service; Fraulein Albrecht seeking for a helpful church but cannot find one; she has been muddled by a Roman Catholic friend; pity for her.
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