CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/2/127
TitleLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws to her relatives
Date14 May 1916
Extent3 sheets
DescriptionLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws, 7 Via Venti Settembre, Rome, to her relatives, regarding the depression that Mrs. Brock has cast over the house; Muriel Brock has left for England; Mrs. Brock has been complaining of noise early in the morning; Maria's suggestion is to get an aeroplane from which to do the housework without stepping on the floor; problems with the gas supply; Miss Jazdowska still wants electric light in the apartment and now Mrs. Brock is agitating for it, too [There were Jazdowskis associated with teaching and art in Aberdeen: James Bronislas Jazdowski, son of John, teacher in Aberdeen, graduated from Marischal College in 1856 and according to an annotation of the Search Room student list died in Rome in 1902]; they also blame Asquith for various political problems, including Ireland; Mrs. Brock is Irish; Uncle defends Asquith against charges of being a drunk; Mrs. Brock is now pestering Uncle about British sailors at Brindisi; they just want Uncle downstairs with them; Hale Benton has been accused by an Englishman named Eyre of having German shareholders and capital in his business; in fact the main officeholders are French and Irish but Benton is worried; Uncle has had to introduce him to the Commercial Attaché; Sir Rennell Rodd, the Ambassador, is irate and wants to know why this man Eyre is not at the front; it is possible that an Italian firm, a competitor, is behind the accusation; Uncle thinks it is Mrs. Brock's doing; Miss Babington wishes to set up a shop in opposition to Hale, selling soldiers' requisites, but the premises she wants are also desired by Lady Rodd who has a shop next door in the Piazza di Spagna; there are no more soldiers in Rome at present anyway; four out of the Ambassador's six secretaries have been called away to serve; Amelia wishes Mr. Green would be called away too; he is to have a benefit concert as his salary has been reduced; she has not been offered a ticket; he lives rent free and does not pay for fuel, either; he is unprincipled; he is a Yorkshireman; the Blakes have visited though Mr. Blake and Uncle turned the visit into an extension of the Presbytery meeting; Mr. Blake is eager to meet Dr. Fairweather at Genoa and Mr. Crozier at Leghorn, but Uncle wants a general meeting of everyone and no little private ones; Blake seems to be fed up with Florence and wants a move; he will make do with Genoa if he cannot get Rome; Mrs. Blake had to go back as she was needed to help with the move of the Y.W.C.A. Home; congregations are low but it is unlikely that they will be able to leave for the summer before the end of June; Ernesta wants to make her own travel arrangements; Aunt and Amelia have been busy with curtain repairs; naphthaline is particularly expensive; Miss Forster Walker is to travel to Ari, but may go to Aix later; Uncle does not want to travel with her again; thanks for letters; mention of news of General Smut's successor.
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