CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/1/87
TitleLetter from Maggie Gray to Robert Laws
Date29 October 1874
Extent5 sheets
DescriptionLetter from Maggie Gray, Mrs. Burrell's, 60, High Street, Galashiels, to Robert Laws, regarding late start in writing; fed up with registers after an evening out at Miss Milne's; children's service afterwards; paperwork needing to be done but instead stayed on for the adults' meeting; good effect of it; arrival of his letter; a private pupil, Miss Scott, to come in the evenings; illness of Robert's friend; worried that Robert had fever; correspondence with home; description of Belvidere not yet read; walk with Miss Milne along Selkirk road; description of road; passing Chairman's mansion on Gala Hill; meeting with him and another gentleman; view of Melrose at the foot of the Eildon Hills, including the Hydropathic Establishment; removal from Pennycuicks' house; Fellowship Association meeting on Sunday morning; still trouble over the schoolroom clock, which has been accidentally (or fraudulently) sold in a sale; the Chairman's visit, just when she was cross with the class and standing with a book in one hand and a cane in the other; his approval of the new arrangement of the room and advancement of the pupils; new arrangement is to prevent pupils having to sit where the draught comes in through the floor; daylight can be seen through the holes; efforts of the Board to repair it cheaply; Miss Shillington teaching grammar despite some ill discipline; taking the opportunity to point out that a pupil teacher from outside might receive more respect; chairman to respond to her letter; Miss Shillington's illness; Mary Jamieson helping instead and all going well; her name has been lodged as an applicant for pupil teacher to Miss Waldie; teaching of Miss Scott continuing at Mrs. Burrell's; gentle girl and good reader but not good at grammar and arithmetic; she has been at Miss Stewart's boarding school; using McCulloch's Advanced Course of Reading; reward of getting pupils to understand arithmetic; paperwork; walking on the Melrose road; Mr. Milne's salary in Aberdeen has been raised to £150; the 'Cripple Boy' is dead and buried in the Shiprow.
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