CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/1/52
TitleLetter from Maggie Gray to Robert Laws
Date7 April 1874
Extent4 sheets
DescriptionLetter from Maggie Gray, The School House, Crimond, to Robert Laws, regarding arrival of his letter; needlework; no letter from home for a week; letter from Mary saying that Aunt Isa has been ill; moving her into South Constitution Street; number of house is changed from 8 to 41; Robert's debate over becoming a doctor or a minister; her inclination towards his being a doctor, having seen his good work and knowing that he could minister while practising; evangelical meetings in United Presbyterian churches in Aberdeen; Baillie and Mrs. Sangster and Miss Melville attending the one in St. Nicholas Lane; good teachers in the Shiprow Sunday School; praise for Dr. Irvine's sermon; missing visits to Auld Jul; problems with a woman applying for parish relief and resulting row between Mr. Robertson and one of the elders; Auld Jul letting the but end of her house to Julia Riddle; Maggie's reluctance to be mixed up in trouble; heavy rain; music at church; visit of Mr. Robertson and son James from Lonmay; James singing (bass and tenor!); view of lake and sea from drawing room window; conversation with James; Etta knowing Robert's address; her slowness in posting things; description of view from schoolhouse window; James teasing her about her sweetheart; conversation about the enlargement of the chapel in Old Aberdeen and the erection of a wooden structure for the visit of Moody and Sankey; her continued refusal to drink toddy; the subterfuge indulged in by Mr. and Mrs. Robertson to drink toddy at night; refusal to visit the Robertsons in Lonmay; Mr. Watt, schoolmaster at Rathen, asked to resign because of heavy drinking - has thrown himself from his window and is now bedridden; James Robertson to cover until he is replaced; Mrs. Bisset ill and Helen Bisset ill in confinement; knitting for Charlie.
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