CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/1/45
TitleLetter from Maggie Gray to Robert Laws
Date7 March 1874
Extent4 sheets
DescriptionLetter from Maggie Gray, The School House, Crimond, to Robert Laws, regarding good morning walk; Etta and Mr. Robertson gone to Fraserburgh; her own visit postponed till she finds out when Charlie is free; surprise examination at school from Simon Lawrie, examiner for the Dick Bequest; his appearance; his advice to attend the Normal School in Edinburgh, or now in Aberdeen, if she wants to be a teacher for life; teaching the class about the Suez Canal as the new route to China; examiner pleased at their good order but keeping them in past their break time; children all well behaved; good singing at school; examiner particularly pleased with Talis Chant; amount of money for school depends on good examination which takes place every two years; examiner heading off for Rathen and Mr. Robertson's sympathy for Mr. Watt, teacher there; Mr. Robertson pleased with result; sometimes rumours go round of examiner's route; warning comes too late; difficulty in writing while Etta plays the piano; pleasure at reading Mr. Milne's essay; crochet work to Mrs. Milne; visit of George Robertson from Lonmay and account of their examination and then their church matters; Gordon of Cairnies' choice being watched with interest as it is said his wife Lexie wants a 'Revival Man' (said to be part of her Plymouth Brethren work); special prayers published in the Christian for good appointments in Fraserburgh and Lonmay; fishermen of St. Comb's 'so preaching mad' that they would not allow the nine coffins of the dead seamen, washed up on shore, to be kept in the church, banning them to the school, though 54 fishermen carried the coffins to the graves; walking to Logie Bridge and being driven back; visit of Mr. Henderson, a farmer; lift to Lonmay on Sunday with Mr. Pittendrigh, the 'big bachelor'; to beyond the Bridge of Savoch; reading papers sent by Robert, then taking them to Auld Jul; eloquent sermon from Dr. Irvine; difficulties of the Misses Irvine's involvement in the Sunday School; visit to Auld Jul who is not well; enjoying singing in church; Miss Seymour's visit to Lonmay manse; asking for news of Mr. Rutherford; Mr. Robertson's neuralgia; snow and rain; irritation at Etta's lateness;
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