CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3245/7
TitleNotebook of sermons given by various preachers.
Date1812 - c.1817
Extent1 volume
Creator NamePossibly William Martin Linton (possibly William Martin, of Linton) the name written on the inside front cover dated 1812. On the back cover there is the another name written William Martin [space] Linton July 5 1776.
DescriptionNotebook of sermons, including a number by Ja[me]s Fisher (1697 - 1775), Adam Gibb, and Mr Bowie, and one sermon by Thomas Boston (1713-1767, son of the Thomas Boston previously mentioned in items MS 3245/1 & MS 3245/2). Also contains a number of unattributed sermons. The sermons are believed to have been given during the period 1739 - 1752 and recorded by William Martin (of) Linton in this notebook during the priod 1812 to c. 1817. Contemporary pagination up to page 343: subsequent page references supplied by archivist.

Note on inner flyleaf, in Linton's hand, states:
'Sacramental Sermons By Mr James
Fisher Late minister of the associat congregation
at Glasgow. Preached mostly at the folowing
places Dunferling Linton Cambasnethen & Stirling
etc, volem II'.

On following page note stating
'Linton March 22 1817
Sermons By Mr Jas Fisshar
Glasgow and Sundry others
Ralph Erskin
Eb Erskin
B[ru]star Swanston
all at Sacrementall occasions'.

Sermon at Dunfermlin 10 July, by Mr James Fisher minister of the Gospel at Glasgow

2. Sermon Saturday Dunfermline 9 July
pp. 14-33

III Sermon at Linton 9 July 1749
pp. 33-48

IV Sermon at Linton 9 May 1741
pp. 48-62

V Sermon at Cambasnethen 14 July 174.....
pp. 62-78

VI Sermon at Cambasnethen

VII Sermon at Cambasnethen 2 July 1749
pp. 93-104

VIII Sermon at Cambasnethen evening 2 July 1749

IX Sermon at Cambasnethen 15 July 1742. Notes in separate handwriting suggest the date should be 1744.

X Sermon at Dunfermline July 1747

XI Sermon at Stirling July 1739

XII Second sermon on the text, Stirling July 1739

XIII Sermon at Dunfermline July 1749.
pp. 169-188

XIV Revererd Ralph Erskine, Minister of the Gospel, Sermon at Cambasnethen on Monday 16 July 1744
pp. 188-206

XV Sermon at Burntisland 14 August 1739
pp. 206-224

XVI Sermon at Cambasnethen undated
pp. 224-[232] (page numbers for pages 232-235 are noted as duplicate 132-135)

XVII Thos [Thomas] Boston Etrick sermon 1752

XVIII Sermon at Cambasnethen 13 August 1750
pp. 239-250

XIX Sermon at Orwel, undated
pp. 250-288

XX Sermon at Orwel on the same text, undated
pp. 288-301

XX1 Sermon at Torphichan, undated

XXII Sermon preached in Edinburgh at the ordination of Mr Adam Gibb to be minister to the associat[e] congregation, 2 April 1741

XXIII Sermon at Linton 1749
pp. 318-342

XXIV Sermon preached by same author, viz Mr Jas [James] Fisher, undated
pp.343-(pages unnumbered after 343)[359]

Sermon by Mr Bowie, undated

Sermon preached at Monzie by ibid, 12 July 1738
pp. [390-406 final page of volume]
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionTemporary slip binding structure with endpapers made from other handwritten notes.
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