CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3175/1020
TitleCorrespondence: Lord Fife
Date1762 - 1796
Extent 3 bundles
DescriptionCorrespondence of Lord Fife: Family: Lord Caithness, Lewis Duff - marriage Personal: Alexander Nicolson:
Business: Samuel Mitchelson
Family: Anne Duff - reported marriage of Captain Duff
Local: Robert Abercromby, John Sinclair, Alexander Garden - legislation concerning Scots distillery, Alexander Duthie Personal: Helen Clerk
Place: Anne Duff, Alexander Innes, Alexander Kemp
Politics etc.: Lord North, Robert Abercromby, John Sinclair, Alexander Garden - distillery.
Business: Scottish Hospital
Election: Lord Camelford, William Leslie
Family: Helen Duff, Alexander Duff, W Duff, Foveran - publication, Mary Duff
Local: Robert Horn Elphinston - subscription for bridges over Don and Urie at Inverurie, Appeal for funds to rebuild court house and prison, Inverness, George Robinson - state of post Personal: Lord Camelford, Charles Cordiner, [M Findlater - death of Miss Fanny Duff], George Robinson Place: Lord Camelford, Robert Wyat Place-Family: Helen Duff, Lord Cornwallis Place-Military: A Gordon; und.: Personal: Miss Robinson and William Robinson, George Forbes, Captain and Miss Shippard.
Access StatusOpen
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