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Ref NoMS 3064/5/3/1
Alt Ref NoMS 3064 bundle 281
TitleEstate sketch maps and reports
Date1781 - 1801
Extent12 items
DescriptionBundle of sketch maps, memoranda and other documents relating to the survey of the Keithhall estate and to agricultural improvements, mainly 1798 - 1801:


1. Draft plan of Mains of Keith-hall 1781. Detailed pen-and-ink draught plan, with annotation "Rude draught of Mains of Keithhall, from which a clean plan is to be made out 1782". Double folio, folded small and torn at folds

2. A plan of Thom's Forest by John Potter, pen and ink, showing area bordering on Thainstone estate, with annotations, undated (late 18th century)

3. Sketch of the drains within the park at Keith-Hall, 7 September 1798. Pen-and-ink sketch map with annotations.

4. Mr Johnstone's sketch for draining the bog below the mill gate of Keith hall, 17 September 1801. Pen-and-ink sketch map with annotations.

5. "A sketch of the old park of Halforest, at which we are planting". Pen-and-ink sketch, annotated. Undated, late 18th century.

6. Memorandum and sketch map for improvement to drains at Stoneyfold c. 1798


7. Memorandum by M. Durno for Lord Inverury on Buckley's mode of drainage 1794

8. Memorandum: "Rules commonly observed in surveying estates" 1779, author unknown

9. "Short account of the Earl of Kintore's estate in the united parishes of Keithhall and Kinkel", by "A well-wisher to the proprietor and people", c. 1795

10. "Particulars recommended by Mr Thom to Mr Garden's attention in the course of his surveying the Earl of Kintore's estate", undated, late 18th century

11. Field notes on lands of Crichie [probably by the surveyor Mr Garden] giving details of fields and land use on the various farms. Folios 37, 38 and 39 of a larger compilation, c. 1799 - 1801.

12. "General observations with regard to the plantations made by myself [the 6th Earl] and James Smith after very attentive inspection", 1810

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