CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 2872
TitleMedical and scientific texts collection
Date1600 - 1946
Extent0.34 linear metres (16 volumes and one file of loose papers)
Administrative HistoryThe original provenance is unknown. The volumes, from various sources, were found together in one storage area in the library. Some items appear to fill gaps in records series in other collections and may be amalgamated with them, in time. It is possible that some of this material may have come to the University via Marischal College as part of the bequest left to the College by Sir William Fordyce (1724–1792).

MS2872/1 has been discovered to be part of a series of volumes which forms MS 2127. It has therefore been reunited with these volumes and given the reference number MS 2127/10.
DescriptionSixteen volumes including Medical case notes, possibly for a hospital, 18th century; Commonplace book, early 18th century; Medical notes, 18th century; 'Praxis Medica Vol III', 18th century; Loose Papers containing accounts and catalogues of books, mainly on religion, 1681 - 1946; Medical notebook, 18th century; Notebook belonging to William Henderson, 1709; 'Philosophia Naturalis, pars prima', 17th century; Notes on medicine, c 1750; Quaedam de hydrops natura et curationibus quaestionum quaenundam opportunitate quas nuper Alexandro Munroni Drummundo proposuit Franciscus Home, medicus Clarissimus, undated; Commonplace book, 1802; Case notes of a London doctor with correspondence and advice from Hermann Boerhaave, c1721 - 1750; Dr G Fordyce's Lectures on the Practice of Physic, late 18th century; Botanical notes, 18th century and Collegium medicum seu dictata viri clarissimi ac celeberrimi I:Oosterdijk Schacht Medicinae Doctoris ac Professoris Praxeos in Academia Lugduni Batavorum, 17th century.
AppraisalThis material has been appraised in line with normal procedures.
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Access StatusOpen
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