CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 2872/2
Alt Ref NoY.10.11 & MS 22
TitleCase notes probably for a hospital
Date18th century
Extent1 volume
DescriptionCase notes probably for a hospital as each one begins with 'admitted'. The information given includes the name, person, daily condition report and outcome (which is sometimes given as 'dismissed to clinical ward'). It contains an enclosure giving advice on how to form and give a prognosis to a patient, 18th century.

The contents are as follows:
Janet Watson, 22, fever from a cold
John Turnbull, [18], pains through head, body and joints
John McMurtry, 34, pain in right hip joint
John Thomson, 19, severe cough and shortness of breath
James Brown, 28, pains flying through his whole body
Alex McCurrugh, 40, headache for 13 or 14 years and is slowly going blind
Christian Taylor, 18, pains in her body
Elizabeth Aitchison, 16, right side of her body became feeble
Daniel Christon, 19, cold fit, headache and cough
Thomas Bell, 11, headache, sore throat and cough which became measles
James McIntosh, 37, fever from cold
John Nisbet, 40, seized with a [gnawing] which was succeeded by a pain of the head and back, sickness, heat and drought
Agness Will, 13, swelling in her belly which comes and goes
Ann Stephens, 26, foul ulcer on her scalp
Angus McDuff, looseness and gripes
John Campbell, 21, looseness and gripes
Thomas Smith, 21, inflammation on the right side and feverishness
John Somerville, 20, seized with pain in head and back and a coldness throughout his body
Margaret McIndonald, ague
John Pittigrew, 18, numbness of arm
George Millar, 52, fever
Peter Bell, 21, itch
James Piper, 30, fever
Philip Guesigue, 18, Lues Venerea
Robert Bennet, headache, cough, heat and thirst
Ann Lawson, cold and hoarseness
Janet Anderson, 59, swellings of the face and of her body with shortness of breath
William [Robertson], 16, dry cough, sickness and headache
James Beath, 14, pains in head, dry cough, loss of appetite, heat and drought
Martha Whiston, 25, fever
Margery McIntosh, 20, cough, short of breath and obstructed menses
Mary Ritchie, 37, coldness, pain of head and back, sickness and great drought
Ann [McIncrue], 42, troubled with a cough since she caught cold in childbed
Anne McIntosh, 18, ague
Richard Priestwood, pox
Elizabeth Hutchison, 48, cough and breathlessness
Jean Couls, 27, complaint of her eyes
Thomas Wilson, 25, gonorrhoea
Sarah Steven, 3, small pox
Peter McMillan, 20, [scotomea] and faintishness
John Whyte, 20, headache, pain in back, dry cough, sickness, heat and drought
Alex McKenzie, 22, hard dry cough, pain of breast and difficulty breathing
Charles Anderson, 21, feverish
Matthew [Hain], 20, fever
Elspeth Hog, 40, ague
Janet Wotherspoons, 25, measles
Peter Orr, 13, upper lip bitten by a mad dog
John Tedman, 20, severe cough and difficult expectoration
Elizabeth Monteith, 15, pain and swelling in the epigastric region
John Mar, 19, frequent attacks of involuntary flexion of upper limb between Jan and March
Pompey, a negro, 12, measles
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