CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 2421
TitleJames Webster's Music Book
Date1831 - 1839
Extent1 volume (0.01 linear metres)
Creator NameJames Webster (fl 1831 - 1839), of Alehouse Hill, Brucklay, New Deer, Aberdeenshire (arranger)
John Murdoch Henderson (1902 - 1972), school teacher, collector of Scottish music (collector, annotator)
Administrative HistoryJames Webster (fl 1831 - 1839), according to a manuscript note at the end of the volume, lived at Alehouse Hill, in the parish of New Deer, Aberdeenshire, but nothing more is known of him.

John Murdoch Henderson (1902 - 1972), son of Charles Henderson, farmer, and Mary Jane Murdoch, was born in New Deer on 31 March 1902, and graduated from the University of Aberdeen, MA 1926. He taught for several years in the south of Scotland, before returning to Aberdeen where he taught science and mathematics at Frederick Street, and latterly, Ruthrieston School. A gifted composer, and an authority on Scottish fiddle music, he wrote The Flowers of Scottish Melody: A First Companion to the Scottish Violinist and Pianist (Glasgow: Bayley & Ferguson, 1935), and arranged J. Scott Skinner's The Scottish Music Maker Skinner: a choice selection of strathspeys, Scots reels, schottisches, double jigs, waltz tunes, song airs, pastorals, marches, quicksteps, hornpipes ... arranged for the violin (Glasgow: Bayley & Ferguson, 1957). He was also a prolific collector of music for the fiddle and pipes, and during his life made several significant manuscript deposits to the University of Aberdeen.

His printed music collection was bequeathed to the National Library of Scotland in 1975/6, and duplicates from this collection transferred to Aberdeen University, where they form the University's John Murdoch Henderson Collection. A further collection of his papers was deposited more recently in the North East Folklore Archive, Aden Country Park, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire, by his family. See Related Units of Description for further details.
SourceGifted to the University in 1963, by John Murdoch Henderson, MA (Aberdeen, 1926), Aberdeen.
Description'James Webster's Music Book...1839'. This is one of several significant music manuscripts gifted to the University by John Murdoch Henderson. Annotations made by him at the beginning of this volume state that 'The pieces are copied mainly from Robert Mackintosh's 3rd collection (1796) [R. Mackintosh, A third book of sixty-eight new reels and strathspeys ] and Neil Gow's 4th collection (1800) [Neil Gow, Fourth collection of strathspey reels ]. There are some pieces also from R. Petrie [Collections of strathspey reels etc (1790, 1795, 1800, 1805)], S. Fraser [Captain S. Fraser, 30 Highland Airs (1795); Airs and Melodies (1816)], John Morison [A collection of new strathspey reels (2 collections published in 1797 and 1815, respectively], William Morrison [A collection of Highland music (Inverness, 1812)], John Thompson [this ref. has not been traced; the note may refer to G. Thompson's Select collection of original Scots airs (1793 - 1818), or Thompson's, music publishers, Compleat collections (1758 - 1780)], J. Gow [John Gow, son of Neil Gow], D. Grant [A collection of strathspey reels (Elgin, 1790)], and a few unpublished pieces by Edward MacDonald'.

The items are numbered serially, and the title of each piece, often with its composer, is given. At least one other hand, in addition to Webster's, can be identified in the original compilation of the manuscript. Supplementary or explanatory notes in black or red pencil have been added by Henderson; and the titles alphabetically indexed by him in the first four pages.

Henderson's references are usually to the printed sources cited above, but also include the manuscript collections of Alexander McLaren and James Paterson (GB 231 MS 2424 and GB231 MS 2426), which he also presented to the University Library. Other collections mentioned are those of John Anderson, c. 1789 and 1790; John Bowie, 1789; Robert Bremner, 1751 - 1761; Isaac Cooper, 1783; John Clarkson, 1803; Daniel Dow, c. 1775 and 1776; Charles Duff, c. 1740 and 1790 (including compositions by John MacDonald, dancing master, Dundee); Joseph Lowe, 1844; Patrick McDonald, 1784; William McGibbon, 1742, 1746, 1755 and 1768; Alexander McGlashan, 1780, 1781, 1786; Daniel McLaren, 1794; William Marshall, 1781; Peter Milne, several editions; James Oswald, 1743 - 1759; R. Purdie, 1823; Robert Ross, 1780; Neil Stewart, 1761 and c. 1772. For further details on these collections see G.S. Emmerson, Rantin' Pipe and Tremblin' String, a history of Scottish dance music (1971).


1 Jig (in G); title in hand of J. M. Henderson.
2 The Carnival of Venice (1st strain); title in hand of J. M. H.
3 Ba, ba, black sheep; key added in pencil; title in hand of J. M. H.
4 Carnival of Venice.
5 La Poule; over 'Are ye sleeping Maggie' erased; 'Quadrille fig.' added.
6 Battlefield; altered to 'March to the' inserted; in pencil: ' =Vs of 'oft in the stilly night ".
7 Boatie Rows; 'The' added in pencil; in pencil: 'Wrongly written'.
8 'O are ye sleeping Maggie'; in pencil: 'Wrongly written'.
9 Bonny Dundee
10 L'Ete; key added in pencil; 'Quadrille fig.' added in pencil.
11 Miss Johnson (of Hilton's) Reel by R. McIntosh.
12 O gin ye were dead gudeman.
13 The Rock and the wee pickle tow.
14 The Persian Dance; time signature '2'/4 added in pencil; some note values altered.
15 Fly not yet; in pencil: 'Irish'.
16 Clout the Caldron.
17 Black Dwarf; notes of last bar designated in pencil.
18 A tune that a Blind Woman in London plays on French fiddle; time signature ‘6’/8 and some alterations to note values added in pencil.
19 The Hesso Homberg Waltz.
20 La Captif; in pencil 'Country Dance'
21 Paddy in Paris; time signature ‘9’/8 added in red.
22 Orange Hornpipe; Sweet Hornpipe/Orange Hornpipe; 'Sweet' has been rubbed out and 'Sweetener' written above in pencil; 4 bars of different tune preceding this, deleted.
23 Willie Duncan; in pencil. 'also as no.44 here', 'Gow Repos. 3'.
24 The Spill; in pencil 'also as No.45' and 'Bremner'.
25 La Matilda A Favourite Sett of Quadrilles arranged by J. Thompson; note in pencil: 'A minor'.
26 La Euphemia; in pencil: 'imperfectly written'; correction in pencil at end of fifth bar.
27 The Breast Knots; note in pencil: 'Bremner Coll.'
28 La Finale; note in pencil:'Quadrille fig.'
29 This is no my ain House; note in pencil: 'A Quad. fig.'; signature of James Webster 1831 follows this piece.
30 My love is like the red red rose; in pencil: ‘Low down in the Broom, a Quad fig.'; alterations in bars 26 and 30.
31 Miss Jane Douglas's Favourite, by R. McIntosh.
32 Let me in this ae Night, An Old Reel.
33 Claremont House; 'F' in pencil above clef.
34 The Hussar Waltz; 'D' in pencil, above clef.
35 The Castinett Dance.
36 Rossie House; The 'ie' of Rosie has been placed in square brackets; note in pencil: 'N. Stewart'.
37 The Devonshire; 'G' in pencil above clef; 'Country Dance' in pencil.
38 The Swedish Waltz.
39 St. Labation; 'Country Dance' in pencil; 'D.C.' in pencil at end of piece.
40 A Country Dance in the same time as the Triumph.
41 Captain Ellis's Favourite.
42 Strathglass House, Stpy; 'Bremner II' added in pencil.
43 The Lads of Dunse.
44 Willie Duncan Strs.;in pencil 'also as no 23 here' 'Gow Repos'.
45 The Spell, a reel; in pencil 'also as no 24 here'.
46 Mrs. McKenzie of Avochs Strathspey; 'Mrs.' underlined and 'Lady' inserted in pencil before it. In pencil: 'vs in Geo. [Silver] W. Morrisons sheet'.
47 Stewarts Reel; 'Reel' is underlined in pencil and 'Rant' added, 'Bremner' is added in pencil.
48 Dashing White Sergeant; in pencils 'By Sir H. R. Bishop'.
49 Highland Strathspey; in pencil 'Alone, I am weary' and 'Cutting Fence'.
50 Lord Kennedy's trip to Inverness; by D. Grant; in pencil: 'Not in Grant Collection'
51 The Huntsman's Chorus; in pencil: 'by Weber'.
52 Miss Stirling's Reel by R. McIntosh.
53 The Saws Tail to Geordie; in pencil: 'with Vars.'; 'Draw the bow above the bridge for each rest in the last part in imitation of a saw', in original hand over final section.
54 Double Kiss; 'es' added in pencil; at top of page. 'Rifle Quadrilles', 'Bremner' in pencil.
55 La Pantaloon.
56 La Ete.
57 La Poule, bars 22-23 deleted and bar 26 altered in pencil.
58 La Trenise; note correction in bar 9 in pencil.
59 Finale: 'ha' in pencil.
60 Miss Dickson's Reel by R. McIntosh; at top of page 'Quadrilles'.
61 My love she's but a lassie yet, from admired Scotch Airs by J.H. Gow.
62 There’s nae luck about the House.
63 Kenmure's Awa.
64 The Highland Laddie.
65 Callam Shiarghlas at top of page: '2nd sett of Quadrilles composed from admired Scotch airs'.
66 Willie was a Wanton Wag.
67 On a Bank of Flowers.
68 The deuks clang o'er my Daddie.
69 The White Cockade.
70 Johnnie Cope.
71 At top of page '[No 1 of]' Spanish Dances with their English figures as danc'd; [Publ. by C. Wheabstone, 436 Strand, London]; E1 duca de San Carlos.
72 E1 Maestro de Ceremonias
73 Las Abas de Vittoria.
74 La Danca de Sevilla.
75 Bollero.
76 Le Garcon Volage, French Dance; bar 28 deleted; instructions in French for performance of dance.
77 Capt. R. Smith's Favourite by R. McIntosh; in pencil at top of page. 'A suggests A of Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow B suggests B of Lady Mary Stobford (or Stopford)'; Smith in title has been altered in pencil to 'Smyth'.
78 The Auld Wife Ayont the Fire.
79 Lady McIntosh's Reel; in pencil: 'Vars. For a' that'.
80 General Campbell of Menzies Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
81 Miss Margaret Campbell of Saddell's Reel by R. McIntosh.
82 The Braes of Balquidder.
83 The Braes of Marr, in pencil: 'Reel'.
84 Mrs. Oswald of Auchincruive's New Reel by R. McIntosh.
85 Miss Douglas's Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
86 Mrs. Blair of Blair's Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
87 Miss Margaret Oswald of Scotstown's Reel by R. McIntosh.
88 Blair Drummonds Reel; correction in pencil in bar 2.
89 Miss M. Rose's Reel; by R. McIntosh; 'M' inserted in pencil.
90 Capt. Pryce Gordon of Glen Lochart's Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
91 Miss Barstow's Reel by R. McIntosh; in pencil: 'with B of B of no 81.'
92 Miss Jane Campbell of Menzie's Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
93 Lady Mary Montague's Reel by J. McDonald; in pencil: '= Lady Mary Stoptord no 222 here'.
94 Miss Katty Halls; 'Jig' in pencil.
95 Miss Mary Douglas's Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
96 Luckie bids me.
97 Mr. Oswald of Auchincruive's Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
98 Miss Margaret Gordon of Lessmore's by R. McIntosh.
99 Duddingston Castle; in pencil 'Vs. of A & B = The boatman of Pitnacree in Gow...'
100 Lord Rollo's Reel by R. McIntosh
101 Miss Sophia Campbell of Saddell's Reel by R. McIntosh; in pencil 'Try slow'.
102 Jenny's Bawbee.
103 Mr. George Johnson of Bykers Reel; altered to 'Mrs.' in pencil; pencilled addition '='The New Bob Reel' in Tour into Bobbery'.
104 Miss Johnson of Byker's Reel.
105 Miss Margaret Gordon of Lessmore's Reel by R. McIntosh.
106 Mr. Menzie's of Culdair's Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
107 Miss Maitland of Freugh's Reel by R. McIntosh.
108 Miss Mary McDonald of Clanranald's Reel by R. McIntosh.
109 Lady Georgina Gordon's Reel.
110 Lady Lucinda Ramsay's New Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
111 La Duc D'Angeleme's Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
112 Sir William Dick's Reel by R. McIntosh.
113 L[i]eut. Howard Douglas's Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
114 Mrs. Menzies of Culdair's Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
115 Dr. Gregory Grant's Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
116 Lady Doune's Reel by R. McIntosh.
117 Miss Jessy Cumming's Strathspey by R. McIntosh.
118 Sleepy Maggie; in pencil: '4 pts.'
119 R. Petrie's Lament for the late Mr. Garden of Troop; in pencil, above bars 17.18: 'In Petrie IV'.
120 Mr. Garden Junr. Return and Welcome to Troop House by R. Petrie; in pencil, above bars 17.18. 'In Petrie IV'.
121 Rocks of Casshel; A Strathspey; in pencil: 'Irish' and '4 pts.' and 'in Petrie IV' above bar 8.
122 Pretty Peg, A reel; in pencil, above bar 9: 'In Petrie IV'.
123 Air; in pencil: 'title missing'; notation of last 4 bars in pencil.
124 Lady Whiteford's Strathspey; in pencil, above Strathspey: 'Reel' and note 'in Alex. McGlashan III'.
125 The Earl of Eglinton's Strathspey, N. Gow; in pencil: 'in E Gow's 1st. Coll. pib.'; bar 10 ringed in pencil.
126 The Duchess of Hamilton's Strathspey; in pencil: 'by John Bowie'.
127 The Perrie Werrie - A Reel.
128 Lord Lovat Strathspey; in pencil: 'very old' and 'In Gow's 6th Coll.'
129 Honble. Miss Maule's Strathspey; in pencil: 'by Robt. Mackintosh' IV.; tune originally in pencil overwritten in ink.
130 Colonel Gordon of Cluny's Quickstep by Edward MacDonald, signature of James Webster follows this piece.
131 The Bridge o' Ballater of Strathspey or, Mr. Fletcher's Delight by Niel Gow; question-mark in pencil after 'Gow'.
132 Glenfiddich, a Strathspey; in pencil: 'by Marshall'; two bars deleted.
133 Monatries Wilcome Home to Ballater, a Strathspey by R. Petrie; in pencil: in 'Petrie IV'.
134 Quickstep; in pencil: 'a feeble effort'.
135 Mr. Alexr. Lesslie's Strathspey; in pencil [above title]: 'The first 3 bars of Fraser's Come along and keep your promise are like those of Miss Jessie Smith'; [after title] 'by D. Grant p.2 in his coll.; vs = Jessie Smith; sv = Mr. Clarkson's Strathspey in Five Favorite Tunes arranged by Mr. Clarkson'.
136 George Prince Regent's Strathspey.
137 Edward McDonald's Quickstep.
138 Miss Elliot's Strathspey; phrase marks in pencil, bars 7-10.
139 Tulloch Castle, a Strathspey; in pencil: 'In Wm. Morrison Coll.' and 'by a lady'.
140 Chester Castle, A reel; in pencil note 'or Hornpipe'.
141 Strathspey by Mr. McDonald.
142 Kilwinning Lodge; in pencil 'Miss Hay'- N. Stewart; Sir John Stewart of Grandtully in Gow.
143 Miss McKinnan's Reel; in pencil: 'Miss Penny McKinnan's Reel in R. Ross Coll.'.
144 Alloa House
145 Carlin' is your lang thing ready; 'lang thing' underlined and 'daughter' interlineated above.
146 Miss Maria Dundas's Reel by N. Gow; 'N' altered in pencil to 'Nath.’; in pencil: 'In Gow's 4th Coll.'; in pencil at top of page: 'Plagiarism of Earl Marischal'.
147 Bank's Hornpipe; 'Banks' deleted and 'The Trumpet' inserted in pencil.
148 Reel by Mr. McDonald.
149 Gen.Gordon - Cumming Skene's Reel; in pencil: 'In John Morrison's 2nd Coll.'
150 The Copenhagen Waltz; in pencil 'In Robt. - Purdie Sheet, c.1814.'
151 Cultie's Wedding, A Strathspey; 'corrected from Gow'.
152 Miss Dumbrek's Reel.
153 Merry in bed.
154 Miss Hunter of Blackness Strathspey; Miss altered to 'Mrs.' in pencil; in pencil: 'Lady Viscountess Duncan in Gow's 4th Coll.' and 'In Chas. Duff. Coll.'
155 The Duchess of Hamilton's Strathspey; in pencil: 'By John Bowie' and 'vs. here = no 126.
156 Strathspey by Edwd. McDonald.
157 Hang a' the weavers; in pencil: 'v5. in Jas. Paterson MS., no 475.
158 Captain Fleming; in pencil: '3 pts. In D in Dirkiedir of J. Anderson's Budget of Strathspeys, Reels, rants. s.v. in Gow and Shepherds 'Mr. Frank Walker' sheet of 1802'.
159 Grenwick Hill A Country Dance; in pencil: 'In C in Gow's 2nd Coll.'
160 Sir George Stuart of Grantley [in different hand] fn. in 'Grantley' hand: 'followed in Gow by Yester House and Ossian Hall'; in pencil: 'John in Dow Collection', written above 'George', 'so named in Gow's 4th Coll.', written above second stave.
161 Mr. Forbes Birthday, a Strathspey; 'orbes' of 'Forbes' in pencil and C in John Morrison II.
162 The North Bridge of Edinburgh, a Strathspey; in pencil: 'In Gow's 1st Repos[itor]y, 'by Wm. Marshall'.
163 Miss Lauresen; in pencil: 'Strathspey'.
164 Miss Scot. in pencil: 'Reel = var. of preceding Strathspey'.
165 Welcome into Bervie; 'Your' inserted in pencil at beginning; in pencil: 'In Robt. Ross Coll.'
166 The Reel of Tulloch with Variations; in pencil: '54 strains'; 'The first 15 strains, in much the same version, are in the James Christie manuscript (now in King's College) [MS 793] with strains 14 & 15 in reverse order to these here'.
167 Up and war them a' Willie; in pencil: 'with var[iation]s.'
168 O'er Boggie; in pencil: 'with vars.'
169 La Trenis; in pencil: 'not the one in Jas. Paterson's MS.'
170 Donald McQueen; in pencil: 'vs= The Ruthven (Riven) Rant' in J. Anderson I and 'vs on Jas. Paterson MS. no 376'.
171 Tam O Shanter's Strathspey; in pencil: NVS in George Silver MS. and 'SV in Jas. Paterson MS. later vs. in P. Milne Coll.'
172 Souter Jonnie - a Reel, in pencil: 'SV. in Jas. Paterson MS. and in P. Milne VS. in G. Silver MS.'
173 The Warlock's Strathspey' in pencil: 'by Robt. Lowe' and 'In Lowe IV.'
174 The Witches Reel, in pencil:'by Jos. Lowe and 'In Lowe's Coll. IV'.
175 Comin' thro' the Broom my Jo Wat ye Wha I met yestreen.
176 Lochiel's awe to France.
177 The Hunt smans Chorus; in pencil. 'from Der Freischutz by Weber'.
178 Waltz, Spindler
179 Waltz, Spindler.
180 Waltz, Spindler.
181 Waltz; in pencils 'Spindler?
182 Waltz, Spindler.
183 Waltz -'Miss M - G -'s Walz' - by D. Munro, notes added in pencil to last bar.
184 Waltz, transposed from the key of D#.
185 Waltz, transposed from D.
186 Waltz.
187 Reel - Music in pencil.
188 Well May I behold my faithful Brown heir' d lass, corrected to 'maid', in pencil: 'Brunette', headed 'Capt. Fraser'; altered in pencil to: 'In Capt. Fraser Coll.'
189 Cheerful Mary, Captain Fraser.
190 Pass about the Flagon, Captain Fraser.
191 The Honble Mrs. Maule of Panmure's Favourite, N. Gow.
192 The Honble Mrs. Maule of Panmure's Strathspey; by Nath. Gow.
193 Miss Heron of Heron's Reel, by N. Gow.
194 Lord Spencer Chichester's Strathspey, by N. Gow.
195 Lady Jean Montgomrie's Strathspey, by N. Gow; in pencil 'In Gow's 4th Coll.'
196 Lord Airley's Reel, by N. Gow; in pencil note: 'In Gow's 4th Coll. (1800).
197 The Clanalpine Chief by Captain Fraser.
198 Miss Ross's Strathspey by N. Gow; 'N' altered in pencil to 'Niel', in pencil 'In Gow-'s 4th Coll.'
199 Miss Sitwell's Strathspey by N. Gow; 'N' altered to 'Nash' in pencil.
200 Garscube House Strathspey, in pencil: 'In Gow's 4th Coll.' 'by Miss Rae'.
201 Lord Montgomerie by John Gow; in pencil: 'In Gow's 4th Coll.'
202 Miss Colston Strathspey; in pencil: 'By Niel Gow'.
203 Captain O'Kain, Irish.
204 Lady Hamilton Dalrymple's Strathspey; in pencil: by Robert Mackintosh.
205 Lady Caroline Montague's Strathspey by N. Gow; 'N' altered to 'Nash' in pencil.
206 Miss Forbes Reel; in pencil: 'by D. Dow'.
207 Lady Jemima Johnstone Strathspey [fn.: 'Caperfey for Reel in Gow']; in pencil note: 'in Gow'; note at foot of page in original hand.
208 Master Erskine's Hornpipe by N. Gow.
209 The Recollection of that day, Captain Fraser.
210 The Streamlet that flowed.
211 Ca' Hawky thro' the Water, A Strathspey; in pencil at end: 'see p.33 no.'99'.
212 To make a laddie o't; in pencil: 'vs = North Highland Reel no 21 in Pat McDonald 1784 - and in Gow V 196'.
213 The Short Apron.
214 The House of Gray; in pencil: 'Bremner Coll.' at foot of page: 'James Webster's Music Book 1838'.
215 Variations to Knit the Pocky or Tullymet; in pencil. 'by Isaac Cooper' .
216 Whistling Betty; in pencil: 'Jig'.
217 Leneseno.
218 Love's last shift.
219 The Sailor's Delight; in pencil: 'sounds Irish'.
220 Miss Blair of Avontown's Favourite; in pencil. 'in Gow's 4th Coll.'
221 Lady Charlotte Primrose's Strathspey, by John Gow.
222 Lady Mary Stopford's Reel; in pencil: 'By Jos. McL'onald.' and '= Lady Montague's Reel - no 93 here.'
223 Niel Gow's Fiddle - Strathspey by N. Gow; in pencil: Nath. Gow.
224 Miss Dundass of Armiston's Reel, N. Gow.
225 Col. Byng's Favourite - A Strathspey, by N. Gow; in pencil 'by Nath. Gow'.
226 Colonel Baird's Strathspey, by Robt. Petrie; in pencil: 'or Popher away'; and 'in Petrie III'.
227 Mary Gray. A Reel; in pencil: 'Bremner Coll.'
228 East Neuk of Fife.
229 Strathspey by Fraser; in pencil: 'Not in Fraser T.'
230 Mr. George Grant's Strathspey, by Nath. Gow.
231 Garnovichi's Hornpipe, in pencil: 'In Gow?'
232 The Little wee Housie under the Hill; square brackets pencilled round 'wee'; in pencil: 'The Forest, or vs. - The Little House below the Brae in A. McLaren MS.'
233 A Reel.
234 Miss Betty McDonald's Reel; in pencil 'as in Bremner Coll. p.99.'
235 Culloden House, by J. Anderson in original key C minor; in pencil: 'from W. Morrison Coll cf. no.239.'
236 Her hair is as black as a crow.
237 Duncan Gray from McGibbon, in pencil: 'with vars.'
238 Katy O' Lynch, Blewitt, in pencil: 'Biddy o'Sligo'; notation is in pencil.
239 Lady Gordon of Gordonstown's Strathspey, by Wm. Morrison; original key C minor; in pencil: 'cf. no.235'.
240 The New Turriff Hunt by a Gentleman Amateur; in pencil: 'In John Morrison II'.
241 Deil stick the Minister, transposed from Oswald' s. Key of E# ; 'E' deleted in pencil and A minor inserted. Key signature inserted at beginning in pencil.
242 The Maid of the Mill; in pencil: 'O but ye be merry O she's comical etc.' and: '=The rejected lover (vs. of Duntroon) (we are all merry as in N. Stewart)'.
243 Caper Fey, A Reel with Variations; at foot of page: 'James Webster, Ale House Hill'.
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Physical DescriptionThe volume measures 20 x 16 cm. and contains 50 folios, paginated i-iv and 1-92 with two blank folios at the end. It is bound in black morocco with gold decoration and the dates 1831-1839 have been pencilled on the front cover. According to a note by Henderson on the flyleaf, the paper has a watermark of 1822.
Related MaterialJames Webster (fl 1831 - 1839). The Moir manuscript, 18th century (GB 231 MS 2427). This collection of 18th century reels, strathspeys, etc. was owned by James Webster (fl 1831 - 1839), of Alehouse Hill, Brucklay, New Deer in 1839. It was also gifted to the University in 1963, by John Murdoch Henderson (1902 - 1972).

John Murdoch Henderson (1902 - 1972). John Murdoch Henderson Collection (University of Aberdeen, Special Libraries collection: ref. Hend inst (instrumental); and Hend voc (vocal)). Originally bequeathed to the National Library of Scotland in 1975/6, duplicates of items already in stock came to the University of Aberdeen and helped create this collection. The collection was accumulated between 1908-1960, with a contents date range of 1780-1935. Composers represented range from Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) to Joshua Campbell (fl. 1762). Famous Scottish composers feature strongly as with Nathaniel Gow (1763-1831), son of Neil Gow (1727-1807), Robert Mackintosh (1745-1807), and J. Scott Skinner (1843-1927). Music from the Highlands, mainly for the fiddle and some for the bagpipe are well represented in the collection, with famous Scottish composers for the fiddle forming a core of the musical volumes. Scots songs, particularly those from the Jacobite era, feature strongly in the vocal arrangement of the collection. Works in English and Gaelic are also represented.

John Murdoch Henderson Collection (North East Folklore Archive, Aden Country Park, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire, Scotland UK AB42 5FQ: This collection, which includes several untitled manuscripts, original copies of 19th century fiddle and pipe tune publications, posters advertising local shows and dances in the early 1900s and several photographs from Henderson's own album, was deposited in the North East Folklore Archive in November 1999, by his nephew, Murdoch Paterson.

Papers of John Murdoch Henderson, c. 1920 - 1972 (National Library of Scotland Manuscripts Division: ref. MSS 21669 - 713).
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