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Ref NoMS 2253/8
Date1746 - 1879
DescriptionThe files of correspondence cover many subjects such as leases, tenants, change of tenants, state of land, measurements of land, building of houses on estate, mills, notably Mugiemoss Mill, dyeing and printing and equipment for same, Auchmull House, sate of roads, quarries, canal, activities of Forbes as executor for Ogilvy, payment of bills, debts, investments, parliamentary candidates etc.
8/1/1-10 1746-84 Includes: /8/1/1 9 Nov.1746 Letter to Alexander Abernethie Esq. of Cessnie, Banff, from George Abernethie, his son, in New Goal, about his imprisonment with 28 Scotsmen and possible condemnation to death. /8/1/2 8 Mar. 1753 Excerpt from feu charters of Master of Hospital in Old Aberdeen to George Abernethie, Alexander Annand, Thomas Skene and George Cuming. /8/1/3 20 April 1777 Assedation on the Broom Park, the Mae Park, the While Land and Majindale Park, James More of Stoneywood to Alexander Smith, merchant. /8/1/4 1776-82 Papers concerning estate of Charles Ogilvy, 1777 (7), with papers about gaming debt of Anthony Cunningham, dealt with by James Forbes, 1776-82 (4), including letter to James Forbes from Alexander Gerrard, Strand: 'P.S. I give you joy of your late purchase of the Seaton Estate'. /8/1/9 und Rough letter by James Forbes concerning enquiry about lease of Seaton land near Bridge of Don for trial dig for manganese and subsequent extensive mining on site. /8/2/1-2 1771-1772 Includes: /8/2/1 26 Apr. 1771 Letter to William Forbes, merchant, Schoolhill and James Forbes, wine merchant of Sackvill Street, London from Edward Jones and Samuel Lewis of Philadelphia, U.S.A. concerning death of Hugh Forbes, circumstances, copy will, bank draft. (2) /8/2/2 14 Jly. 1772 Letter as above, concerning settlement of estate of Hugh Forbes. /8/3/1-16 1785-89 Includes: /8/3/5 18 Jly. 1786 Copy letter to Roderick MacLeod, sub 1786 principal of King's College, from John Chalmers and Skene Ogilvy concerning exchange for the then Bead House, 8 May1786, with excerpts from disposition of James Forbes to Governors of Hospital of Old Aberdeen. /8/3/8 5 Apr. 1787 Letter to James Forbes from Nathaniel Forbes, Vellore, India, concerning assistance in purchase of Edenglassie and consequent return to Scotland, thanking him for looking after Charles. /8/3/11 8 Dec. 1787 Statement of entail of Newhall estate, George Hay, Marquis of Tweeddale. /8/4/1-15 1790-94 Includes: /8/4/10 27 Nov. 1793 Apprenticeship agreement by Dr. William Livingston, physician and surgeon for James, son of James Forbes of Seaton. /8/4/14 14 Dec. Letter to James Forbes from Robert Mylne about supply of granite to London, requesting details of quames etc. /8/5/1-14: 1795-96 /8/6/1-19: 1797-98 /8/7/1-13: 1799 Includes: /8/7/13 18 Dec. 1799 Inventory of machinery etc. at Stoneywood Bleachfield by Robert McFarlane & Co. /8/8/1-24: 1800 /8/9/1-23: 1801 /8/10/1-14: 1802 /8/11/1-13: 1803 /8/12/1-19: 1804 /8/13/1-21: 1805 /8/14/1-15: 1806 /8/15/1-18: 1807 Includes: /8/15/1 1807 Inventory of cotton spinning machinery at Bucksburn. /8/16/1-15: 1808-1810 Includes: /8/16/1 3 Feb. 1808 Letter to Mrs Forbes from L Buchot asking for payment of sum owed because of urgent need of money due to illness and family circumstances; French. /8/16/13 27 June 1810 Bond by Marquis of Tweeddale and Lord James Hay his younger brother to Earl of Lauderdale and Lord Viscount Maitland in 'considerable sums'. /8/17/1-16: 1811 Includes: /8/17/6 12 Mar. 1811 Articles of roup of all ploughed land and grass within inclosure or park of Seaton for 1 or 2 years in lots. /8/17/11 12 Aug. 1811 Letter from J Farquharson including information on coach travel in North East England. /8/18/1-9 1812 Includes: /8/18/3 14 Mar. 1812 Letter to James Forbes from Forbes Robie, soldier 78th Regt, Sourabaga, Java asking that his father might be made aware of his health and well being. /8/18/5 10 Nov. 1812 Letter to James Forbes from John Irvine thanking him for agreeing to apply for a cadetship in India for his son, James Irvine. /8/19/1-15 1813: Includes: /8/19/5 12 Mar. 1813 Letter to James Forbes from Thomas Silver of West Craigtown about proposed extension of road from Brickworks of Seaton to Bridge over Don. /8/20/1-15 1814 Includes: /8/20/7 28 Mar. 1814 Letter to James Forbes from George Allan, minister of Newhills about election of parochial schoolmaster. /8/21/1-16: 1815 /8/22/1-8: 1816 /8/23/1-12: 1817 /8/24/1-32: 1818 /8/25/1-19: 1819. Includes: /8/25/1 23 Jan. 1819 Commission of Lord James Hay as Deputy Lieut. of Aberdeenshire, especially for parishes of St. Nicholas and Old Machar. /8/25/12 15 Oct. 1819 Specification and estimate for new schoolhouse, Newhill. /8/26/1-23 1820 Includes: /8/26/7 25 Jly. 1820 Letter and enclosures by James Forbes to Capt. Esson, Brig 'Catherine', returned by Post Office as sailed for Buenos Ayres. /8/26/ 12 Aug. 1819 Intimation to James Forbes from noble lords, proprietors of land on banks of river Don, protesting about cutting of dams, dykes etc. and effect on salmon fishery. /8/27/1-29: 1821 /8/28/1-50 1822. Includes: /8/28/24 25 May 1822 Letter from Hugh Lumsden, General Post Office, Edinburgh concerning appointment of Forbes's man Rennie as supernumary letter carrier. /8/29/1-57 1823 Includes: /8/29/53 13 Dec. 1823 Letter to James Forbes from Alexander about extension of area leased to quarry granite in view of possibility of using local granite to build London Bridge. /8/30/1-58 1824 /8/31/1-54 1825-29 Includes: /8/31/45 29 Mar. 1828 Letter to Lord James Hay from Secretary, Metropolis Roads Office, Whitehall Place, London concerning offer of granite for use in London. /8/32/1-15 1830 Includes: /8/33/ 20 Sep. 1830 Minutes of meeting of turnpike and commutation trustees about new lines of approach to new Bridge of Don. /8/34/1-13: 1831 /8/35/1-22: 1833-38 /8/36/1-15: 1839 /8/37/1-24: 1840 /8/38/1-20: 1841-45 /8/39/1-11: 1846-48. Includes: /8/39/1 21 Aug. 1846 Petition of Robert McDonald, Druggist to be Postmaster at Woodside. /8/39/3 1 Feb. 1847 Order of House of Lords appealed to in Dyce v. Hay and others concerning obstruction of public right of way from Bridge of Balgownie to Old Aberdeen. /8/39/6 19 Jly. 1848 Letter to Lord Aberdeen from Wharncliffe about Lord James Hay's objections to Laurencekirk Extension Railway. /8/39/ 4 Oct. 1848 Provisional certificate to Lord James Hay from inclosure commissioners allowing £5000 for improvements in drainage on lands and barony of Stonywood, described in detail. /8/40/1-4: 1849. Includes: /8/40/2 30 Mar. 1849 Letter to George Chalmers from Lord Aberdeen about Lord James Hay's recommendation of a person to make capons. /8/41/1-26: 1851-53. Includes: /8/41/13 2 Apr. 1852 Letter enclosing copy letter from Commander Lord John Hay concerning disposal of estate of late Lord John Hay, listing trophies of war, marks of distinction etc. to be passed to Marquis of Tweeddale as head of family. /8/42/1-8: 1854 Includes: /8/42/3-4 Jne-Jly 1854 Letters to 'Mother' from Georgiana Hay at Aix and Sedan. /8/43/1-18: 1858-1879
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