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Ref NoMS 157
TitleJames Robertson, minister: sermons
Date1713 - 1716
Extent1 volume (0.03 linear metres)
Creator NameRobertson; James (-1732); minister of Leuchars, Fife
Administrative HistoryJames Robertson, MA, St. Andrews University 1704, was minister in the parish of Leuchars (Fife) from 1706 until his death in 1732, and he was the author of 'Things new and old: or an Exposition of the book of Revelation' (Edinburgh 1730). The sermons appear to have been preached by him in his own or neighbouring parishes, sometimes on special occasions such as the baptism in 1714 of the daughter of his colleague at Forgan, James Nairne (1680-1771), and the calling in June 1716 to 'Ferric' (now Ferryport-on-Craig), of his classmate at St. Andrews, William Vilant (1684-1738). They may have been written out before delivery and the dates added later, as the order is not completely chronological. Quotations in Greek and Hebrew occur and many of the sermons are lengthy and elaborately planned (some of these notes taken from 'Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticana', ed. H. Scott).
SourceThe manuscript bears the old shelf mark C 6. 83, which indicates that it was acquired by Aberdeen University Library before 1870. Its earlier provenance is unknown.
DescriptionVolume containing 18 sermons written by James Robertson between 1713 and 1716. The sermons are learned and elaborate and appear to have been planned for special occasions. Folio 1 verso contains an inscription in Latin and the holograph signature of James Robertson along with a pencil note in a later hand 'By Jas. Robertson Minister Leuchars, author of Exposition of Revelation Edin. 1730.' There is a list in pencil in the flyleaf, in a modern hand, giving the texts and dates when preached as follows:

Sermon, Leuchars; text: Jer. 1. 5 (pp. 1-30)
21 June 1713

'Action' Sermon; text: Jer. 1. 5 (pp. 31-34 ) [written as if a continuation of above]
9 August 1713

Sermon, 'at the first table'; text: Isa. xiii. 6 (pp. 45-46)
not dated

Sermon, Leuchars; text: Gen. xxxi. 13 (pp. 47-94)
16 August 1713

Sermon, St Andrews, 'at a fast befor the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper'; text: Jer. xxxi. 18 (pp. 95-102)
19 November 1713

Notes for discourses 'at the table, St Andrews'; texts: John vi. 55 and Ps. xxii. 6 (pp. 102-103)
22 November 1713

Sermon, Leuchars; text: Job xiv. 1,2 (pp. 103-120)
3 January 1714

Sermon at 'a synodical fast on the fear of poperie and the pretender', Leuchars; text: Ps. xxiv. 6-7 (pp. 121-126)
24 February 1714

Sermon, 'when Mr Nairns daughter was baptised, Forgan'; text: James v. 16 (pp. 127-130)
17 January 1714

Sermon, Leuchars; text: Rev. ii. 4-5 (pp. 130-174)
28 February 1714

Sermon, Leuchars; text: Luke xii. 4-5 (pp. 175-213)
13 June 1714

Sermon, 'Presbyterial Exercise at St Andrews'; text: Ephes. iv. 27 (pp. 214-222)
1 December 1714

'A preparation sermon', Ceres (Fife); text: Matt. xxvi. 21-22 (pp. 223-232)
17 July 1714

Sermon, 'at a sacrament', Ceres; text: Zech. xiii. 1 (pp. 232-237)
18 July 1714

Texts of short 'mensale' addresses, Ceres; Matt. xxii. 4, Ps. xxlli. 1 (p. 238)
18 July 1714

Preparation sermon, Darsie; Heb. xi. 4 (pp. 239-247)
31 July 1714

Sermon, 'Addition before the presbyterie', St Andrews; text: Ephes. iv. 26 (pp. 247-254)
27 October 1714

Sermon, 'when the laws against prophanity were read', Leuchars; text: Rom. i. 18 (pp. 255-270)
5 September 1714

Sermon, Leuchars; text: Erov. xxx. 7-9 (pp. 271-350) [perhaps delivered over a period]
5 September 1714

Sermon, 'thanksgiving for K Georges peaceable accession to the thron'; text: Ps. cxxvi. 1 (pp. 350-362)
20 January 1715

Sermon, 'at a meeting for moderating a call to Mr William Vilant, Ferrie'; text: Rom. x. 15 (pp. 363-366)
19 June 1716

Thanksgiving sermon after the Sacrament, St Andrews; text: Acts viii. 39 (pp. 367-379)
7 February 1715

Final folio 'Index Textuum' of the 18 principal sermons; signed by James Robertson.
not dated
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Physical DescriptionThe sermons are contained in a leather bound volume, 15.5 cm x 10cm, with raised bands on the spine, consisting of 192 folios. The text is paginated continuously 1-379, preceeded by a folio bearing motto and author's signature and succeeded by folio giving index of texts. Continuative words and signatures at the foot of pages have occasionally been cut off, possibly when the volume was bound or rebound. The stitching of the spine is damaged, pages 223-237 have become loose and other sections are partially detached.
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