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Ref NoMS 1044
TitleNotes and transcripts of sermons preached in Glasgow and the surrounding area by various preachers
Date1679 - 1702
Extent1 volume (0.04 linear metres)
Administrative HistoryThe ministers whose sermons are transcribed include Andrew Taite (d. post February 1742), minister of Carmunnock, 1692 until his death; Andrew Turner (d. 1718), minister of Erskine, 1692 - 1704; Neil Gillies, M.A. (d. 1701), minister of Cardross and Kilmahew, 1679 - 1683, 1687 - 1690; Daniel Mackay? M.A. (d. 1731), minister of Inverlochie, 1692 - 1699; Archibald Wallace (d. 1725), minister of Cardross and Kilmahan, 1695 until his death; John McLaren (1667-1734),minister of Carstairs, 1699 - 1711; James Brown (d. 1714), minister of St. Mungo's, Glasgow, ante June 1690 - 1714; Thomas Brown (d. 1708), minister of Paisley Abbey Church, 1698 until his death; David Ewing (d. 1731), minister of Cadder, 1695 until his death; David Broun (1663-1760), minister of Blackfriars, Glasgow, 1701 - 1705; James Clark, M.A. (d. 1723), minister of Tron Church, Glasgow, 1702 until his death; and John Orr (1663-1707), minister of Bothwell, 1688 - 1703.
SourceNothing is known of the provenance of this manuscript but its place in the accessions list suggests that it was acquired in the 1930s.
DescriptionVolume containing notes and transcripts of sermons preached in Glasgow and the surrounding area by, amongst others, Andrew Taite (d. 1742), Andrew Turner (d. 1718), Neil Gillies (d. 1701), Daniel Mackay (d. 1731), Archibald Wallace (d. 1725), John McLaren (1667 - 1734), James Brown (d. 1714), Thomas Brown (d. 1708), David Ewing (d. 1731), David Broun (1663 - 1760), James Clark (d. 1723) and John Orr (1663 - 1707). Five sermons are unascribed. There are in addition three testimonies of executed covenanters, namely James Renwick, M.A. (1662-1688), John Kid (d. 1679), and John King (d. 1679) and one testimony which is unascribed. The contents of the volume are as follows:

'A sermon preached by Mr. Andrew Tait, minister at Carmanock (Lanarkshire) upon the Munday after the communion of Glasgow in the Laigh Kirk therof': written by John McGilchrist 'being very accurat of the shorthand'; inscribed at foot of pages 'John McGilchrist writ in by me Bittrag Campbell att Glasgow being wery idle'; text: Colossians Ch.2 v.6 (folios 1 - 6)
7 August 1693

Cover; inscribed 'Bettrage Campbell aught this book, 1698' (folio 6 verso)

'A sermon preached by Mr. Andrew Turner, minister of Erskine (Renfrewshire) on the Sabath forenoon'; subscribed with monogram M.K.J.; text: Jeremiah Ch.12 v.2 (folios 7 - 12)
17 September 1693

Cover; inscribed repeatedly with monogram of M.K.J. (folio 12 verso)

Sermon, preached by Mr. Neill Gillies; text: Psalm 84 v.7 (folios 13 - 16 verso)
29 September 1695

[Sermon] 'Glasgow Mr. Neill Gillies, afternoon'; text: Psalm 84 v.7 (folios l7 - 22 verso)
29 September 1695

Sermon; incomplete. Text is possibly Hosea Ch.5 v.15 (folios 23 - 25 verso)
not dated

[Sermon] 'Erskine Mr. Andrew Turner'; text: John Ch.6 v.55 (folios 25 verso - 35 verso). A theological introduction to The Lord's Supper and list of ten categories of people debarred from The Lord's Table; follows sermon.
14 June 1696

[Sermon] 'Glasgow Mr. Neill Gillies'; text: Jeremiah Ch.15 v.10 (folios 36 - 42 verso)
25 August 1696

'Sermon, forenoon'; text: Jeremiah Ch.9 v.24 (folios 43 - 48 verso)
not dated

'The afternoons sermon'; text: Jeremiah Ch.4 v.l9 (folios 49 - 54 verso)
not dated

Blank (folio 55)

[Sermon] 'Glasgow Mr. [Daniel] MacCai in Inverlochie (Inverness)'; text: Genesis Ch.5 v.24 (folios 56 - 59)
13 September 1698

Preparation sermon before the Communion; 'Mr. Andrew Tait, Glasgow'; text: I Corinthians Ch.ll v.24 (folios 60 - 67)
22 November 1698

'rector'; 'Erskine Mr. Archibald Wallace, minister in Cardross (Dumbarton)'; text: Hosea Ch.14 (folios 68 - 74)
22 July 1699

'Sermon'; text: II Corinthians Ch.2 v.ll (folios 75 - 79)
not dated

'Afternoon's sermon'; text: II Corinthians Ch.2 v.ll (folios 79 - 83 verso)
not dated

Blank (folio 84)

'Preparation sermon Glasgow, Mr. John McLaren'; text: Psalm 45 w.10 12 (folio 85 - 94)
29 July 1699

'Action sermon of the communion of Erskine by Mr. Andrew Turner'; text: Hebrews Ch.8 v.6 (folio 95 - 103)
not dated

A Theological Introduction to the Lord's Supper; follows sermon (folios 103 verso - 105 verso)

'Glasgow, Mr. James Broun, Fast day's sermon before a Communion'; subscribed 'sermon in place of a Lector by Mr. James Broun'; text: Isaiah Ch.66 v.2 (folios 106 - 109)
18 July 1700

'Fast day's sermon before a Communion by Mr. Thomas Broun Glasgow'; text: Ezekiel Ch.2 v.30 (folios l10 - 115)
19 July 1700

'Action sermon at a Communion by Mr. James Broun'; text: John Ch. 6 v. 53 (folios 116 - 124)
21 July 1700

A Theological Dissertation on Communion; follows sermon (folios 124 - 125)

'Glasgow Evenings sermon after a Communion, Mr. John Orr'; text: Psalm 116 v.9 (folios l26 - 131)
21 July 1700

'Glasgow ... Thanksgiving sermon after the Communion by Mr. David Ewing'; text: Joshua Ch.24 v.15 (folios l32 - 139)
22 July 1700

'Congregational fast, Erskine Mr. David Broun...Afternoon's sermon'; text: Hosea Ch.9 v.12 (folios 140 - 147). Incomplete, subscribed: 'Night came on and stopped writing that the minister could not be followed after farder'.
26 November 1700

Blank (folio 148)

'Glasgow Mr. James Clerk, Quarterly sermon in order to Reformation of mannere'; text: Ephesians Ch.5 v.ll (folios l49 - 162)
14 August 1702

Blank (folios 163 - 164)

'Mr. John Orr, Glasgow, Evening sermon after the Communion'; text: Jeremiah Ch.31 v.20 (folios l65 - 170)

'Sermon preached before the synod at 'Glasgow by Mr. John Orr'; text: John Ch.15 v.16 (folios l71 - 175)
6 October 1702

Blank (folios 176 - 177)

'The dying testimony of Mr. James Rennick, minister of the gospell, the truths and duties for which he was indyted and other contraverted in this our time; who suffered at the Grassmercat in Edinburgh February 1688, committed from his own hand the day befor his suffering'. (folios 177 verso - 180)
13 - 15 February 1688

Testimony of John Kide before execution. (folios l81 - 184)

Blank (folios 185 - 187)

Testimony of John King, before execution; subscribed: 'Edinburgh Tollboth...'. (folios l88 - 193)
14 August 1679

Testimony; unidentified. (folios l93 - 196)
not dated

Blank (folios 197 - 201)
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Physical DescriptionThe volume measures 19 cm. x 24 cm. The sermons form separate fascicles within it but have been foliated continuously. The manuscript was repaired and rebound by Roger Powell in April 1958 and there is a repairer's note.
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