CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/2/412
TitleLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws to her relatives
Date21 November 1920
Extent3 sheets
DescriptionLetter from Amelia Nyasa Laws to her relatives, regarding frosty weather, Aunt's errand to buy milk which is their safeguard against the heavy diet in the hospital, Mme. Christen has been offered another villa at Queuleu and so they have another chance of her flat, she wants a garden, further description of the place, if not there then somewhere else must be found, visit from M. Brunel, as unpleasant as his wife, dismissal of his treatment of a sore throat, offers of books for Amelia, questions about her Red Cross lectures, her questions in response about the church in Lorraine, 'It seems that R.C., Protestant and Jewish churches are equally upheld by the state and are obliged to provide the priest's, pastor's and rabbi's dwelling or its equivalent in cash', his own rent is to be raised next year but he likes the house and expects the difference to be made up by the municipality, he would also see to increased giving in the congregation, he has heard that Amelia and Aunt are thinking of leaving, but Amelia tells him that it was only a removal to a flat which had fallen through, discussions under way about the future of the Diaconess' hospital, there are no paying patients and 'like Bon Secours, women's cases are all operations and men's are mostly syphilis', she has asked to be taken out of Bon Secours until she has finished Mlle. Perpignan's massage, and is glad as the hygiene is terrible though Dr. Jung operates well, the concept of massage there, watching an operation on the mastoid bone at Plantieres, in a beautifully clean theatre, description of the operation which was to remove rotten bone in the ear, M. Terracoll, the assistant surgeon, asked Amelia how she was progressing and suggested that she visit the radiologist at Plantieres as he would also come in contact with cases which might be referred on to her, M. Terracoll has also offered to give her references, though she was unaware that he had taken much notice of her at Plantieres and so had not approached him before, he also suggested a visit to M. Gerard, a specialist in electrical and x-ray treatment at Ste. Blondine Hospital, he was at Lyon during the war and knows about massage, and was also at Chambery in 1917, Gerard recommended a visit to M. Buisson, a special masseur in Metz in charge ofa 'an establishment for physical culture', who is glad to hear of a masseuse locally for women and children, he wants her collaboration in 'massage and medical gymnastics for women and children', the exercises are too fast to be accurate, she and Aunt are not very keen on the general conditions, Buisson was trained by Ruffier in Paris, and he occasionally turns up at Metz and says the exercises are too slow, Buisson would employ her though he had considered a partner - he is reluctant to share the profits, however, though he would like to learn from her, so Amelia is even more reluctant, when she went to decline the offer she discovered that he had already promised her services to a football team, 'One's eyes are meant for use where men are concerned'.
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