CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 3290/2/347
TitleLetter from Mary Gray ['Aunt'] to Robert and Maggie Laws and to Amy Gray
Date10 March 1920
Extent2 sheets
DescriptionLetter from Mary Gray ['Aunt'], Rome, to Robert and Maggie Laws and to Amy Gray, explaining that a week has passed since James' death and Petite [Amelia] has suggested that she should write all the details down for them, James had been tired and strained for some time, but his interest never flagged and he could not be stopped, and 'it was at an executive com. meeting of the "Italo Britanico League", which lasted 2 1/2 hours, that the microbe of pneumonia attacked him', the Italians had been smoking and it had tired him, a visit from R.S. Mackintosh of Arbroath, a Church of Scotland minister who needed a passport for himself and his wife but knew no French or Italian also drained him, he went to a meeting of the Archaeological Society addressed by Mrs. Strong of the British School of Art on the subject of Bernini, which he enjoyed, but by the Thursday he was ill and shivering and they thought it was influenza and got him to bed, an old friend, an Italian doctor (Dr. Signorelli), was sent for and came quickly, and prescribed for a slight rheumatic attack, but the fever increased, Dr. Bastianelli, the specialist for pneumonia, was called, and warned Mary of the gravity of his condition, the night nurse took the telegram for Amelia, followed by the one mentioning double pneumonia so that Amelia would have evidence to get leave, James remained clear in his mind and speaking Italian or English as necessary, 'Not one word of complaint passed his lips', but he told Mr. Benton 'My record is complete', detailed account of his death, thankful it was neither prolonged nor painful, grateful for all done by Mr. Benton and Mr. Gibson, the deputation to Malta had just arrived that morning, Mr. Donald Webster and Mr. Street, and they were very shocked, but the timing of their presence seemed entirely appropriate, she has a great deal of correspondence to do but is happy that Amelia, her 'right hand', is there. Not signed.
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